Humboldt State University
  • Student shopping at Wildberries in Arcata

    Looking for tasty, organic goods at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket? There are plenty of options in Arcata. The selection at both Wildberries (pictured here) and our local Co-op is truly staggering. You'll find everything from grass-fed beef to locally-grown zucchini to natural skin cleansers in these aisles.

  • Students hang out during Arts Alive at Bon Boniere, Eureka.

    In Old Town Eureka, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates serves a mean espresso and the wireless Internet is free. Near by, you'll find Ship Wreck, a treasure trove of incredibly hip new and vintage wares. A few steps to away is Bon Boniere, an amazing gourmet ice cream parlor that will have you swearing off Baskin and Robbins for…good. You'll find all that and more in less than a block of Old Town Eureka.

  • Hip Hop performance in KBR.

    What’s life like on campus? Well, we have exams, study groups and all the serious, intellectual-inquiry business you’d expect from an institute of higher learning. That, however, is just the beginning. On-campus concerts, rallies, festivals, free movies, clubs…there’s always something interesting happening here.

  • Students make fun out of a mundane situation - doing the laundry.

    Studying doesn’t require squirreling yourself away in some kind of sensory deprivation tank. There are plenty of great places to study in town. If you’re up for a little multi-tasking, you can surf the web while you wash your socks at Emerald City Laundry, just one of several spots in town where you can access free, high-speed wireless Internet.

  • Downtown Arcata shopping on the Plaza.

    No one would confuse downtown Arcata with Rodeo Drive. We don’t have nearly as many Chihuahua-toting celebrities sauntering about. Still, we’re home to a great mix of boutiques, book stores, record shops, outdoor stores and restaurants. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in Arcata, there are still more opportunities to shop in nearby Eureka and McKinleyville.

  • Students volunteering at HSU's Day of Caring.

    Getting up at eight a.m. on a Saturday probably doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but the feeling you get from helping others far outweighs any benefit you might receive from drooling on your pillow past nine o'clock. These smiles prove the point. HSU students make a positive difference in our community.

  • Student working at Ramone's in Wildberries, Arcata.

    There are all sorts of employment opportunities in Humboldt County. Just looking to earn a bit of spending cash? A part-time position at a place like Ramone's Bakery (shown here) fits the bill nicely. Interested in a job that more closely tracks your career aspirations? There are plenty of jobs in the area—everything from programming work at the local TV stations to field research with environmental consultants.

  • Students play a game of Pictionary in Creekview.

    Living on campus is a great way to meet new friends and get connected with campus culture. If you choose to live on campus, you have all sorts of options: single rooms, double rooms, apartments, suites and residence halls. This is a photo from Creekview, a group of apartments located on the border of campus and the Community Forest.

  • Students at Gold Rush Coffee in Bayshore Mall, Eureka.

    Get plenty of sleep, eat your Brussels sprouts, never co-sign a lease with anyone named "Mookie"… By now you've probably received plenty of tips on how to succeed in college. While we're not about to contradict such advice, allow us to make yet another recommendation: a little caffeine can do a lot of good when mid-terms roll around. Rest assured, we have countless coffee houses to help you triumph over the occasional all-nighter.

  • Students having a quick dinner at Arcata Pizza & Deli.

    Chinese? You bet. Mexican. Sure. Thai, Italian and Foo-Foo Continental Cuisine? Check, check and, if you feel like impressing your date, check. Arcata and nearby Eureka boast restaurants of every stripe and persuasion. You can find everything—from donuts to dim sum—just a few blocks from campus.

  • Students shop at Target in Eureka.

    No one ever gets giddy over the prospect of shopping at Target. Still, it's always reassuring to know that there is a single store nearby, where you can pick up a bottle of bleach, a lampshade and an iPod speaker dock. Along the same lines, we also have a Costco, Sears, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, Pier One and…well, you get the idea.

  • Two students blowing bubbles on the UC Quad.

    Something different always seems to be happening at the University Center Quad—the site of numerous festivals, rallies, concerts and, as you can see here, random outbreaks of bubbles. The Quad's central location (just a few steps away from coffee, bagels, burritos, and so on) makes it a great place to meet friends for lunch or a study break.

  • Bike parking on the University Center Quad.

    H.G. Wells once wrote that he felt a renewed sense of hope for mankind every time he saw an adult riding a bicycle. Wells would have been an out-of-control optimist if he'd visited our campus. HSU students ride to school in droves, and with good reason: our campus is close to town, there's hardly any traffic, and riding to school beats paying for gas.

  • Arcata Plaza's weekly Farmer's Market.

    Fresh blackberries, locally-harvested honey, some odd, lumpy-looking squash that's brimming with all that important stuff you just can't get from a pint of Haagen-Dazs…The Arcata Farmers' Market is a great source of fresh, locally-grown food. Just head down to the Arcata Plaza every Saturday morning, from April through November.

  • Arcata's Minor Theatre shot at sunset.

    Arcata's Minor Theatre is the oldest continuously-running movie theatre in America. The Minor has regaled locals with a quirky mix of independent and Hollywood blockbusters since 1914. It's also one of four movie theaters within 10 miles of campus.