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Beekeeping classes are offered each spring. Find out more...
Outdoor opportunities include Bird Awareness and OLLI fieldtrip classes.

[globe]EDventures: Travel/STUDY

Study Abroad

  • Quito, Ecuador
    Earn units of academic credit in Spanish language, culture and civilization in this 10-week full immersion summer program in conjunction with the Universidad Technológica Equinoccial (UTE). Live with an Ecuadorian family, visit cultural and natural sites. Visit the Study Abroad website for details.

  • Nicaragua
    Study intercultural communication and language development while engaging in intercultural communication and language development. Through field trips and the two academic courses (4 weeks online, 4 weeks in-country), learn about Nicaraguan history and culture, as well as experience life in a country with complex relations, past and present, with the United States. For more information, contact program directors Prof. Armeda Reitzel at 707-826-3779/e-mail or Prof. Tasha Souza at 707-826-3462/e-mail

  • Poland
    Study medieval forensic anthropology around the city of Bezlawki. Excavate and catalog ancient human remains and learn about human osteology and pathology. For more information, visit the website, or contact program director, Prof. Mary Glenn at 707-826-3126/e-mail

EDventures in Your Own Backyard

The courses and programs below may involve field trips. All participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form before they participate in a field trip. See general information for details.

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