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Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

Starting January 2018: 8-week Courses

OFFERED ONLINE for students and working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the complex relationship between nutrition and exercise.

Prerequisite: Completion of a comprehensive nutrition course (HED 231 or its equivalent). Complete the four 3-unit classes (listed below) to earn certificate. The courses may be taken in any order, once the basic nutrition prerequisite has been completed.


This course is the prerequisite for the four courses required to earn the certificate. two women backpackers drinking water

HED 231: Basic Human Nutrition

SUMMER 2017 (3 units, 8 weeks) • With Kathy Munoz

Theories and practices examining the role of nutrition in health and exercise. Specific nutrients, their digestion, absorption, function, food sources, requirements, and chemical makeup will be presented.

This course is a prerequisite for the four coursees required to earn the certificate.

Required Courses for the Certificate

Man on exercise bike

HED 342: Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Jan. 22-March 16 2018 (3 units, 8 weeks) • With Kathy Munoz

How food consumption and nutrition affect energy production and physical performance in sports activities. Analyze diet modifications, such as carbohydrate loading and use of ergogenic aids, to improve performance. Prerequisite: HED 231 (or equivalent).

Senior couple with bicycle

HED 446: Optimal Bone & Muscle Development

March 26-May 18 2018 (3 units, 8 weeks) • With Christine Dobrowolski

Explore the synergistic aspects of exercise and nutrition related to the development of strong bones and the maintenance, repair, and strength development of muscle. Prerequisites: HED 231 (or equivalent) is required; Human Physiology (ZOOL 113 or equivalent) is recommended.

HED 344: Weight Control

SUMMER 2018 (3 units, 8 weeks) • With Kathy Munoz

Theories and practices to maintaining safe and healthy weight levels. Diet analysis, body composition and effects of exercise; behavior modification. Prerequisite: HED 231 (or equivalent).

KINS 447: Pharmacology & Ergogenic Aids

FALL 2018 (3 units, 8 weeks) • With Christine Dobrowolski

Effect of medication and nutrition on disease and sports performance. Effects of ergogenic aids on performance/health. Prerequisites: HED 231 (or equivalent nutrition course) and ZOOL 113 (or equivalent physiology course) are required.

More Information

Contact Dr. Kathy Munoz, Department of Kinesiology & Recreation, e-mail

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