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eLearning: Are you ready for online classes?

Skills for success

The same skills needed for success in face-to-face courses are needed in online courses, but research shows that the following are particularly important for online learners:

  • Motivation and self-discipline: There is often no set schedule to online classes. You must make a real commitment to your assignments and deadlines.
  • Time management: Use Google Calendar.
  • Effective and appropriate communication: Your online classes are an academic environment, so communicate accordingly.
  • Collaborative working skills: In an online course, participation in online study groups and discussions can make all the difference.

Technology skills

To take online courses, it’s important to know how to:

  • use a web browser to access websites and follow links on web pages.
  • use a word processor to create and save documents.
  • send and reply to e-mail messages.
  • attach files to e-mail messages.
  • type at least 25 w.p.m.
Apple iPad and Macbook Air

Minimum hardware & software requirements

You will need:

  • access to a computer, a tablet or a smart phone.
  • Internet access.
  • word processing capability (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, or other).
  • a web browser (Firefox [recommended for Moodle], Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or other)

You may need:

  • video recording capability (webcam, digital camera, smartphone or tablet)

For specific questions about the technical suitability of your equipment for taking online courses, contact the HSU Help Desk: 707-826-4357 or by e-mail.