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Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

AN ONLINE Certificate in Exercise Nutrition is offered for students and working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the complex relationship between nutrition and exercise.

will be accepted beginning July 18, 2013*. Contact the instructor for details.

Certificate requirements

To earn a Certificate in Exercise Nutrition, students must complete four 3-unit classes, for a total of 12 units. The courses, beginning with HED 342, must be taken sequentially. Instructor approval is required.

This Certificate is presented entirely online. Each course is unique in the required assignments, but all have been designed to develop a strong online community of learners through asynchronous classroom discussions between students and the instructor. Students are given assignments, quizzes and projects with required due dates submitted electronically. Each course has an online midterm and final examination to be completed during specific identified periods of time.Woman drinking a smoothie

Upon completion of the Certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the fuel systems and food sources utilized for energy production and optimal weight management
  • Summarize the role of fat, carbohydrate and protein in growth, development, and exercise including the chemical pathways that generate energy for muscle action
  • Determine energy requirements (intake and expenditure) to meet the individual needs across the lifespan
  • Plan a diet including exercise appropriate to meet the needs of a individuals in various life stages utilizing a computerized nutrition analysis program
  • Explain the requirements necessary to gain muscle mass, enhance bone density, and change body composition
  • Evaluate pharmacological and ergogenic aids for their validity in improving or altering health
  • Explain the environmental and genetic influences that may affect health and weight management
  • Describe the role of the endocrine and central nervous system on physiological function and the influences
    of nutrition and exercise on regulation

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*Meet the Exercise Nutrition certificate program prerequisite by taking the online course, HED 231, Basic Human Nutrition, via Open University. Apply for a space in the certificate program in July, and if you’re accepted, plan to begin the program in the fall.

Required Courses

(3 units each, totalling 12 units)

HED 342  Nutrition for Athletic Performance (3 units)
How food consumption and nutrition affect energy production and physical performance in sports activities. Analyze diet modifications, such as carbohydrate loading and use of ergogenic aids, to improve performance.

date .......... FALL 2014: Aug. 25-Dec. 19

fee.......... $696

place.......... Online

instr.......... Munoz

course.......... REGISTER ONLINE: HED 342, 3 units, 44403

HED 344  Weight Control (3 units)
This course explores the synergistic aspects of exercise and nutrition related to the development of strong bones and the maintenance, repair and strength development of muscle.

date.......... SPRING 2015

fee .......... $696

place .......... Online

instr .......... Munoz

course .......... HED 344, 3 units

HED 446  Optimal Bone and Muscle Development (3 units)
This course explores the synergistic aspects of exercise and nutrition, related to the development of strong bones and the maintenance, repair and strength development of muscle.

date .......... FALL 2014: Aug. 25-Dec. 19

fee .......... $696

place .......... Online

instr .......... Dobrowolski

course .......... REGISTER ONLINE: HED 446, 3 units, 45278

KINS 447  Pharmacology & Ergogenic Aids (3 units)
Medication effects on the physiological response to exercise/stress testing. Effects of ergogenic aids on performance/health.

date ..... SPRING 2015

fee .......... $696

place .......... Online

instr .......... Dobrowolski

course .......... KINS 447, 3 units, 25231

More Information

Contact Dr. Kathy Munoz, Department of Health and Physical Education, at