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Humboldt State University was established in 1913.


Drawing of bird flying, and holding binoculars

Birding: Tips & Trips

Whether you are a beginning birder or want to explore a wide range of habitats in order to become more familiar with our Humboldt County breeding birds, join us for a fun-filled week of birding. Classroom discussions follow each day’s field trip to go over what birds were seen and offer tips and information to identify and appreciate them

Suggestions on reading material, sound recordings, optics, birding applications, feeding and attracting birds, etc., will also be presented, as well as tips for digiscoping (using your phone or camera with a spotting scope) and field sketching.
HSU bus transportation is provided for field trips to the following habitats: marsh, rocky coast, coastal dune, bay, river, forest and mountain.

Be prepared to walk up to two miles each day while on field trips, and be sure to bring your binoculars, field guide and field notebook.

Class size is limited to 21. This course includes a field trip. All participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form.

date .......... Mon.- Sat., June 16-21
time .......... Mon./Fri./Sat.: 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
                    Tues./Wed./Thurs.: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
place .......... Wildlife Building 208
fee .......... $120, $50 additional for 1 unit of credit (optional)
instr .......... Gary Bloomfield
course .......... EENC x014, 31153 REGISTER FOR COURSE (NO CREDIT)
credit .......... NR x112, 31154 REGISTER WITH 1 UNIT CREDIT

Gary Bloomfield has been interested in birds for about as long as he can remember, and although he did not actually start birding until the age of nine, he hasn’t stopped since. Being an avid birder has led him into the field of ornithology, in both volunteer and professional capacities, and to being an Elderhostel birding instructor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in scientific illustration from Humboldt State University, and has called Arcata home since 1980.

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