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Humboldt State University
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Humboldt State University was established in 1913.


Managing Change: Leading the Team

with Janet Ruprecht

This series is for middle managers. Whether you embrace change or dread it, change is inevitable. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders often discover they are responsible for implementing change they didn’t ask for. These classes will help you understand the perfectly natural resistance to change, and provide insights and tools to lead the team forward. The focus is on team dynamics, problem solving, and making collaborative decisions. These workshops may be taken as a series or individually.


Managing Non-Stop Change

This workshop explains the spectrum of responses to change by both the individual and the organization. Realistically, it assumes there will be resistance, and it explains how to overcome it. Learn the four phases of the individual’s natural response to change, how to diagnose a team member’s current response, and how to coach your people through each phase swiftly and effectively. Understand organizational resistance to change and discover what you can do about it.

date .......... Fri., Jan. 31

instr .......... Janet Ruprecht


Building a Great Team

Discover how different people approach problem solving and how to make more efficient use of their differences. Learn a faster, less frustrating, more effective technique to speed up group decision-making and arrive at better solutions.  Useful whether you are forming a team to implement a  change, or you are working with an intact team.

date .......... Fri., Feb. 28

instr .......... Janet Ruprecht


Team Dynamics & Decision Making

This workshop offers an in-class experience of team decision-making and an explanation of the processes that build the synergy necessary to increase motivation and productivity. Discover how good teams can make more effective decisions. Learn to coach your team to differ constructively, value synergy, and build consensus.

date .......... Fri., March 28

time .......... 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

fee .......... $75, plus $20 materials fee

place .......... Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center

instr .......... Janet Ruprecht

course .......... EENC X009, 27632

Meetings That Get Results

Leading a team requires good facilitation. Learn techniques that allow anyone, whether participating in the meeting or leading it, to ensure much shorter meetings that deliver powerful results. Learn skills to control under- and over-participation, deal with difficult people, and help a group of opinionated people resolve complex issues and commit to timely action.

date .......... Fri., April 25

instr .......... Janet Ruprecht


Problem Solving: Tools for Teams

Learn techniques that help your team solve problems objectively. These include Pareto analysis, selecting and weighting decision-making criteria, and persuading upper management to try the solutions.

date .......... Fri., May 30


instr .......... Janet Ruprecht

The Instructor

Janet Ruprecht served as marketing director, process streamliner, and then corporate management trainer for a successful computer technology company that was ranked one of the best places to work in the U.S. Upon returning to Humboldt County, she founded Actions Speak Louder to teach management, professional and personal development skills, team leadership, and process-improvement skills. She has offered management skills training in the business, government, non-profit, and educational sectors.

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