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Courses in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Basics

With Joan Dvorak

Expand your skills with new tips and techniques as you master the basic tasks of Excel, from worksheet layout, formulas, and functions to creating charts, sorting and summarizing information, and more.

Participants will create, name, and save workbooks; utilize relative and absolute formulas; insert functions such as Sum, Average, Max, Min and Count; and use sorting, filtering and tables.

Tues., Feb. 6-March 6 • 6-8 p.m.
Eureka: Humboldt County Office of Education, Main Building, Madrone room

Intermediate Excel

With Joan Dvorak

Go beyond the basic tasks in spreadsheet software and explore powerful tools available to an intermediate user of Microsoft Excel, including conditional formatting, PivotTables, and advanced formulas and functions.

Participants will evaluate worksheet design; practice data manipulation options such as text to columns and remove duplicates; utilize Excel analysis tools such as Autofilter, sorting, filtering and subtotals.

As time permits, we will also discuss formulas and functions such as If, Countlf, SumIf, Vlookup, what-if analysis and data validation.

Tues., March 20-April 10 • 6-8 p.m.
Eureka: Humboldt County Office of Education, Main Building, Madrone room
$75 • Class #: 26683: REGISTER ONLINE

Joan Dvorak has been teaching adult professional development classes in Excel for more than 14 years. Students from a wide variety of occupations such as education and training, health services, legal and protective services, construction, transportation, financial services, hospitality and tourism, wholesale or retail, arts and community service have benefited from learning Excel spreadsheet techniques. At Fortuna High School, Joan has helped teachers and students utilize Microsoft Office programs for more than 19 years.

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