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online certificate programs




Courses for those aged 50 and better. See the website for details and current classes.




Redwood Coast Marine Science Summer Program

Courses offered at the HSU Marine Lab in Trinidad: Study and explore the California Coast this summer.

General Oceanography
OCN 109, 4 units: May 23-June 24, 2016

Learn about the oceans in this exciting class which includes hands-on laboratory activities, field trips to Trinidad Head and local beaches, and a trip on the R/V Coral Sea.

MPAs & Long-Term Intertidal Research
BIOL 438, 4 units: June 13-July 15, 2016

Earn credits while participating in ongoing rocky intertidal research on marine protected areas (MPAs) in beautiful Northern California. In addition to hands-on experience in ecological fieldwork, students will learn relevant skills and theory.


Graphic Recording

With Heather Equinoss

Example of graphic recording on a white board

Learn how to create large-scale visual records to make meetings more engaging and productive. Graphic recording is a visual notetaking method using hand-drawn images and text that provides focus and clarity during conversations. Recording supports people to think together, understand complex issues, and decide what to do next. This introductory course will cover the basic elements of graphic recording, template design, and the supplies required to start recording. Drawing skills are not required!

This is an elective for the Leading Organizational & Community Change Certificate Program. Learn more about this program at the LOCC website.


Heather Equinoss has 15 years of project management, meeting facilitation and recording, and community engagement experience in public, private, nonprofit and community settings. She specializes in using visual notetaking tools to engage meeting participants, capture the group’s wisdom, focus their work, and build agreement about next steps. She has shared her enthusiasm for recording with others since 2009. Learn more about her work at her website.


Notary Public

Notary Training

Friday, July 15

This one-day seminar will help new and renewing California notaries get a solid foundation needed to perform official duties with skill and confidence and pass the California State proctored exam.

This training is offered in partnership with Develop Point Education (DPE), a designated California-Approved Provider for Required Notary Training. The DPE California Notary Training fulfills the California State six-hour education requirement for all new and renewing Notary commissions issued after July 1, 2005. DPE training satisfies the state requirement and guarantees you’ll pass your Notary exam.

Methods for Teaching Northern California Native Languages

With Gordon Bussell

This course is designed to introduce students to teaching methods developed or utilized for Indigenous language instruction.

Teaching methods covered will include:

  • Accelerated Second Language Acquisition
  • Total Physical Response
  • Reverse-Linguistics
  • Other techniques such as sleep learning, the mockingbird method, and how to use recordings properly will be discussed.

A comparison of teaching Hupa, Mattole, Bear River and Wailaki dialects will also be addressed.


Gordon Bussell is an experienced Hupa speaker of Hupa and Mattole ancestry, and was raised on the South Fork of the Trinity River at a place called xo:nteLtaw xa:ma:xa:n din. Over the last 30 years he has studied Hupa, first from his grandfather and later from over 50 elders, teachers, and noted linguists of various dialects, including Mattole, Bear River and Wailaki. Gordon has worked with many people to curate and develop language acquisition materials for speakers and educators wishing to learn or revitalize the local dialects of California De:ne languages. 


Redwoods & Rivers Guide School

Guide School at Redwoods & Rivers runs June 12-17, 2016. It offers hands-on training in guiding strokes and commands, river safety and etiquette, knot tying, river anatomy, teambuilding and outdoor leadership.

Three units of academic credit (REC 480) is available through HSU College of eLearning & Extended Education.

Register by May 12. Space is limited.

For information about fees and to register, contact Redwoods & Rivers:  (800) 429-0090 or e-mail 

LOCC: Leading Organizational and Community ChangeLeading Organizational & Community Change Certificate Program

Advanced Meeting Mastery:
Orchestrating and Applying Theory, Tools and Skills

Sept. 14-16, 2016 •  With Roger James, Ed.D and Mary Gelinas, Ed.D.

Designing Collaborative Processes for Communities and Organizations: Solving Tough Problems, Planning for the Future and Creating Change

Oct. 13-14 and 27-28, 2016  •  With Roger James, Ed.D and Mary Gelinas, Ed.D.

Consulting Skills

Dec. 7-9, 2016 •  With Roger James, Ed.D and Mary Gelinas, Ed.D.


From Vine to Table: Wine Studies Certificate Program

Wine Sensory Evaluation and Service

Oct. 6-8, 2016 •  With Pam Long

Marketing Wine in Humboldt County & Beyond

Nov. 10-12 •  With Elizabeth Hans McCrone


Live and learn anytime, anywhere with online programs and courses.  

Online programs at Humboldt State are designed for highly motivated individuals. Most courses are offered primarily in asynchronous format, so you don’t have to put your personal and professional life on hold while working to develop your career to its fullest potential.

Exercise Nutrition

A certificate program offered online to students and working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the complex relationship between nutrition and exercise.

Prerequisite: Completion of a comprehensive nutrition course (HED 231 or its equivalent). Complete the four 3-unit classes (listed below) to earn certificate. The courses may be taken in any order, once the basic nutrition prerequisite has been completed.

HED 231: Basic Human Nutrition

With Kathy Munoz

Theories and practices examining the role of nutrition in health and exercise. Specific nutrients, their digestion, absorption, function, food sources, requirements, and chemical makeup.

This course is the prerequisite for the four courses required to earn the certificate.

date  May 23-July15

fee     $867

place        Online

class #     HED 231, 3 units, 31026: REGISTER ONLINE

COMING FALL 2016: Aug. 22-Dec. 16

  • HED 342: Nutrition for Athletic Performance, 3 units
  • HED 446: Optimal Bone & Muscle Development, 3 units

COMING SPRING 2017: Jan.-May

  • HED 344: Weight Control, 3 units
  • KINS 447: Pharmacology & Ergogenic Aids, 3 units

CE Credits online

CE Credits OnlineOnline continuing education and professional development for teachers and administrators

CE Credits Online provides university-accredited, standards-based, online professional development courses for continuing education or post-baccalaureate academic credit.

Curricula is abundant with research-based strategies to improve classroom and school environments, to move educators to intentional best practice, and to improve student achievement.

The courses incorporate job-embedded exercises and extensive video modeling for immediate classroom impact, maximum retention, and reinforcement of the techniques and strategies learned.

Featuring one-on-one asynchronous instruction, these online courses are self-paced and convenient for busy educators.

Online courses are available in the following areas:


Are you a teacher in need of graduate level credits for license renewal or salary advancement purposes? provides affordable, relevant and engaging online post-baccalaureate academic credit courses for teachers. The self-paced online courses are open for enrollment 365 days a year.

Teachers may enroll anytime and get started with each course instantly. Once a course is complete, you may register for credit anytime through the online registration portal at Humboldt State University.

Simple three-step process to receiving your credit:

  1. Register for and complete your online course through
  2. Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you will be provided with a web link to register for academic credit through Humboldt State University. 
  3. Once your electronic registration is processed by Humboldt State, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to request your official transcript (please allow at least two weeks for your official transcript to be mailed).

Fees: $55 for each course. Additional $50 for 1 unit of academic credit for each course
(Plus additional for official transcripts. See Official transcript ordering and payment information.

Courses available include:

  • What Great Teachers Do Differently
  • Bullying Prevention: Keeping Schools Safe 
  • ELL in the Classroom Refresher
  • Differentiated Instruction Refresher
  • Educational Psychology Refresher
  • Assessment and Testing Refresher
  • Teaching Methods Refresher
  • Dealing With Difficult Parents

See a complete list of courses and register at

Leadership Studies

LEADERSHIP STUDIES: An online Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree completion program: Finish your Bachelor’s degree online.  

Apply by July 8 for fall 2016. Learn more at the Leadership Studies website.

Courses include:

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Data Driven Leadership
  • Leadership Communication
  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Project Implementation/Evaluation
  • Managing Employees/Stakeholders
  • Strategic Sustainability
  • Technology & Leadership
  • Developing Dynamic Organizations
  • Capstone in Leadership

Online Certificate in Faculty Preparation: Teaching in Higher Education

Pursuing a teaching career at a community college or university? This two-semester, 12-unit online certificate program was developed to meet the needs of current and aspiring faculty. Enhance your career and gain a competitive edge in the academic job market. This program introduces the roles and responsibilities of teaching in higher education and specifically addresses teaching, learning and technology issues in the college classroom.

The following courses must be taken sequentially. Fees are $220/unit.

Aug. 22-Sept. 30, 2016
EDUC X507: Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education (3 units, 6 weeks)
Instructor: Kathy Munoz, Ed.D., R.D.

Oct. 10-Dec. 9, 2016
EDUC X508: Student Centered Design (3 units, 8 weeks) [No class Thanksgiving week]
Instructor: Jayne McGuire, Ph.D.

Jan. 23-March 17, 2017
EDUC X509: Instructional Planning & Pedagogical Practice (3 units, 8 weeks)
Instructor: Kerry Mayer, M.A.

March 27-May 19, 2017
EDUC X580: Teaching Practicum & Reflective Observation (3 units, 8 weeks)
Instructor: Jill Alcorn, M.A.

Geospatial Online Certificate

GIS, Remote Sensing & Cartography

The Geospatial Certificate Program at Humboldt State University provides foundational concepts and methods in GIS, Remote Sensing, and Cartography that are transferable and relevant across disciplines and industries.


The accelerated program has a flexible course sequence and is devised to meet your career interests. Courses are 100% online—ideal for working people who want to advance in their current career, break into a new field, gain points towards a license, or advance the mission of their organizations.

Geospatial Concepts: GSP 101, 2 units: Aug. 22-Oct. 14, 2016

Geospatial Concepts Lab: GSP 101L, 1 unit: Aug. 22- Oct. 14, 2016

Geographic Information Science: GSP 270, 3 units: Oct. 17-Dec. 16, 2016

Introduction to Remote Sensing: GSP 216, 3 units: Jan. 17-March 10, 2017

Cartography: GSP 316, 4 units: March 20-May 12, 2017

Intermediate GIS: GSP 370, 3 units: May 22-July 14, 2017



Ecology and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Management Certificate Program

Ecological tourism is a rapidly growing field across the world. Learn the concept, principles, and practice of sustainable, ecology-based tourism with this online program.

  • Intro to Ecology & Sustainable Tourism: Aug. 22-Dec. 16, 2016
  • Issues of Sustainability & Responsibility: Jan. 17-May 2, 2017
  • Ecotourism Project Implementation: May 29-Sept. 15, 2017

Learn more at the Ecology & Sustainable Tourism Planning & Management Online Certificate website.

New Designs for Fundraising

New Designs for Fundraising

Discover best practices in fundraising for small to mid-size nonprofits. This affordable online program offers a practical education for nonprofit organizations, development departments, board members and volunteers interested in creating or strengthening fundraising efforts.

  • Foundations for Fundraising:  Aug. 22-Sept. 16, 2016
  • Tools for Annual Giving: Sept. 19-Oct. 14, 2016
  • Tools for Big Gifts: Oct. 17-Nov. 11, 2016
  • The People: Nov. 14-Dec. 9, 2016

Learn more at the New Designs for Fundraising website.



Introduction to Meditation

With David Sandercott

Meditation is simple, easy, and fun. Learning a high quality meditation will empower you and improve your life in all areas. You will be given simple tools and techniques to help you develop a daily practice of meditation or enhance your current meditation practice.

Bring a blanket or yoga mat, and a pillow.

date Wed., May 25-June 15

time 6-8 p.m.

fee $60

place HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall 227

class # 31192: REGISTER ONLINE

David Sandercott is a meditation teacher and spiritual coach trained by Steven S. Sadleir, founder of the Self Awareness Institute. David has been training at the Self Awareness Institute since 2006. In 2012 David started teaching Shaktipat and Kundalini meditation and in 2015 received advanced yoga teacher recognition and honors.


One-Day Meditation Retreat

With David Sandercott

One-day meditation retreats are designed to help you fall madly in love with LOVE. This practice will raise your life-force energy and attune you to a higher level of being. The retreat also provides the space for a loving spiritual community committed to the enlightenment of mankind and creating peace on earth.

We practice Shaktipat meditation and Jhana yoga. Shaktipat meditation is a transmission of divine love from teacher to student. Jhana yoga is the path of direct awareness and introspection, looking inward to observe what is already there.

A vegetarian potluck meal is planned for lunch during the retreat. Please prepare a vegetarian dish to share.


date Sat., May 28

time 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

fee $40

place Harry Griffith Hall 225/227

class # 31193: REGISTER ONLINE


date Sat., June 25

time 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

fee $40

place Harry Griffith Hall 225/227

class # 31194: REGISTER ONLINE

David Sandercott is a meditation teacher and spiritual coach trained by Steven S. Sadleir, founder of the Self Awareness Institute. David has been training at the Self Awareness Institute since 2006. In 2012 David started teaching Shaktipat and Kundalini meditation and in 2015 received advanced yoga teacher recognition and honors.



The Studio School

Observational Drawing

The summer Studio School program has been cancelled.

With KT Garcia

Observational drawing is a great way for young people to connect with our natural environment and be active observers of the fascinating world around them. In this course, students will learn to draw from the right side of their brains and gain the perceptual skills necessary for realistic drawing, which include the perception of edge, space, angles, line, value and color. Children will explore the beauty and variety of plant forms, landscapes, and architecture (as weather permits) as well as still life studio exercises. In six weeks, students advance from symbolic images to actually drawing what they see.

Completion of a Release of Liability form is required for each child enrolled in this program.

Level 1 (ages 5-8) and Level 2 (ages 9-13): $82 per child.


Sequoia Chamber Music Workshop

June 19-25

The Sequoia Chamber Music Workshop is an opportunity for young musicians to study and perform at least four different works with four different chamber groups over the course of the six-day session.


Brass Chamber Music WorkshopBrass Chamber Music Workshop

Week 1: July 17-23
Week 2: July 24-30

The annual Brass Chamber Music Workshop at Humboldt State University (BCMW) welcomes musicians of all levels to a one-of-a-kind opportunity to play chamber music for brass instruments.

BCMW is known for its relaxed atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst its participants, and for its support for promoting the creation of new music.

Participants may choose to attend one week or two weeks. Maximum is 80 musicians each week.


North Coast Piano Festival

July 31-Aug. 9, 2016

The annual North Coast Piano Festival is dedicated to inspiring and training young pianists.

The festival presents opportunities for piano students ages 13-23 to experience the art of intensive learning and performing. Students take private lessons, participate in studio and master classes, take part in theory and accompanying classes and compete at the festival piano competition.


Humboldt Music AcademyHumboldt Music Academy

Humboldt Music Academy offers quality music education for students of all ages and levels. Affordable group classes, performance ensembles, and individual instruction are available. Registration opens in August for fall classes.



Rosetta Stone® Interactive Online Language Learning

Have you always wanted to learn another language? Or would you like to practice and increase your skills in a language you have already learned?

Rosetta Stone delivers an engaging and innovative learning experience. Enjoy language learning anywhere there is an internet connection, at your own pace, and take advantage of language learning with business and career specific supplemental content. Almost 30 languages are available to learn online.

Rosetta Stone offers two programs, according to your previous language learning experience. For those who have never studied the target language, Rosetta Stone FOUNDATIONS is recommended. For those who have studied the target language, Rosetta Stone ADVANTAGE is recommended.

All students must enroll in the non-credit section for $75. The optional one unit of credit in World Languages & Cultures (WLC)  110 is an additional $220. Students who want to earn one unit of credit (optional) must register by June 6 (or be assessed a $25 late fee), and are required to meet time/progress benchmarks. Academic credit is on a “pass/fail” basis (credit/no credit), not a letter grade.

Non-credit enrollments are welcome anytime, but please note that Rosetta Stone subscriptions are not processed during academic holidays/campus closure.

You will be subscribed to the online learning program for five months once your registration has been processed through the College of eLearning & Extended Education. Please allow up to five business days for your subscription to be activated.

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