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Humboldt State University was established in 1913.

SUMMER 2014 Extension courses & programs







Courses for those aged 50 and over. See the website for details and current classes.


  creative arts, LANGUAGE & CULTURE

The Studio School

A distinctive visual arts program for youth



Brass Chamber Music Workshop
Daily coached chamber ensemble rehearsals,
performances and freelance playing

Week 1: July 20-26, 2014
Week 2: July 27-Aug. 2, 2014

Sequoia Chamber Music Workshop
A unique opportunity for young musicians
to study and perform in chamber groups.

SESSION 1: June 15-21, 2014
SESSION 2: June 22-28, 2014


Introduction of Russian Language & Culture

This course is for those who have little or no knowledge of the Russian language. Learn the Russian alphabet (Cyrillic), basic reading and writing skills and engage in basic conversation. The course will be structured around situations, covering basic everyday communication. Learn greeting and addressing people formally and informally, counting, telling the time, sharing contact information, asking for and following directions. Also learn about grammar points, specifically the Russian cases, adjectives, nouns, verb conjugations, and verbs of motion. Enjoy observations about Russian history, arts and literature. Two films in Russian (with English subtitles) will be shown and discussed.

You may purchase the required text and workbook from the vendor of your choice; prices will vary depending on used, rented, or new materials:

Text: Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book One (5th edition) by Richard M. Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina. Workbook: Student Activities Manual for Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book One by Richard M. Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine

date .......... Mon./Wed., June 2-25
time .......... 5:30-7:30 p.m.
fee .......... $100
place .......... Harry Griffith Hall 204
instr .......... Anna Lipnik

Anna Lipnik was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and Russian is her native language. She has an MS in journalism and mass communication and an MA in Spanish from Kansas State University. She taught various courses in Spanish for American universities and worked as a radio journalist in her native Ukraine. Anna has an extensive experience tutoring students of all ages in Spanish and ESL, and now she is excited to teach one of her native languages.


Professional Development

Course in Consciousness

Learn the art of meditation and become more conscious of your consciousness and gain greater clarity, happiness, and peace in your life. We will cover classic yogic paths to enlightenment such as the eight limbs of yoga, Vendanta, Jhana Yoga, Shaktipat, and Kundalini Yoga. Learn beginner techniques such as mantras, as well as advance meditation practices.

All levels welcome. Yoga mat or blanket and pillow recommended.

date .......... Tues., June 10-July 15
time .......... 6-8 p.m.
place .......... Harry Griffith Hall 225
fee .......... $69
instr .......... David Sandercott

David Sandercott has been meditating and studying the Science of Self for over 15 years. David has been blessed to study with many teachers in the field of Human Development, Martial Arts and Yoga. He has been studying for the last eight years with Steven S. Sadleir, a Master in two ancient lineages from India. Steven bestowed David with the honor of Teacher in 2012 after six years of study.



Friday, June 13

Professional Development: eLearning


Decolonizing Social Work with Indigenous Communities

This ONLINE course is for current social workers and members of the community who work with indigenous peoples.
This course also meets the online MSW program prerequisite for a Native American/Indigenous Studies course.

This course includes a general introduction to the history of native peoples of America and the unique and sovereign relationship between Tribal Nations and local, state and federal governments.

date .......... June 9-Aug. 1 (8 weeks)
place .......... Online
fee .......... $433.50
instr .......... Serenity Bowen
course .......... SW 420, 1.5 units, 31141: REGISTER NOW

Serenity Bowen is a licensed clinical social worker with varied experience providing outreach, therapy, and crisis intervention in state, county and nonprofit organizations. In addition to her position as a lecturer on campus, she also has a private therapy practice in Arcata. She is a graduate of the Social Work program at Humboldt State University, and earned her MSW from the University of California, Berkeley, with an emphasis in Native American Studies and Children and Families.

CE Credits Online

Online courses for educators



Social Work: Online BASW & MSW Program

Who Should Apply?

It doesn’t matter where you live or work, you can still earn your B.A. or MSW online from Humboldt State University. These online programs are designed for professionals already working in the field as well as first-time college students. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are welcomed, including those with personal experience of engaging in public mental health services. Students should be able to log on for the live Monday night web sessions, visit campus as required for their program, and be able to dedicate 25 hours a week to the part-time program and 40 hours a week to a full-time program.

What Should I Expect?

  • To engage with professors and fellow students through the use of live webcasts, chats, web tours, small group discussions, shared projects and virtual role plays.
  • Live web sessions every Monday night and weekly modules that you complete on your own schedule.
  • To have the support of a regionally-placed mentor and community of learners.
  • You’ll need basic e-mail and word processing skills, high-speed internet access, a Web cam, a headset with a microphone and a computer that is less than 3 years old.

Online B.A. at a Glance:

  • Apply to the CSU by the admission deadline to start classes in August.
  • 2- or 3-year academic plans available.
  • Visit campus for orientation in August and Practice Intensive in January.
  • This is a degree completion program.

Online MSW at a Glance:

  • Apply by August 31 to start classes in January for the 3-1/2 year program.
  • If you already have your BASW/BSW from a CSWE-accredited program, you are eligible to apply to the 2-year advance standing program. Apply by January 31 to start classes and orientation in June.
  • Visit campus for 4 days each January for intensives, community building and skill development.

Admission Requirements:

For the MSW, you may meet the Native American Peoples of America course prerequisite by enrolling in SW 420, Decolonizing Social Work with Indigenous Communities and earning a C grade or better in the class.

Fees are $510 per unit (subject to change).

More information:


Leadership Studies

Lead. Inspire. Change your world.
An online Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree completion program


Exercise Nutrition

An ONLINE certificate program for students and working professionals who wish to
expand their knowledge of the complex relationship between nutrition and exercise.


Nutrition for Athletic Performance
Optimal Bone and Muscle Development


Accepting applications for spring 2015 cohort. Apply now!

This is an ONLINE interdisciplinary 18-unit certificate program providing an introduction to the field of institutional research.

This online program forms a solid base for those pursuing as well as starting a career in institutional research, who want to advance their knowledge.

The program is also for students and entry-level career professionals interested in exploring the discipline of institutional research.

Three online courses are included in the Certificate:

  • PSYC 550: Introduction to Institutional Research
    Overview of the field of institutional research, planning and assessment and data analysis
  • PSYC 551: Applied Research in Higher Education
    Quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyze institutional databases and assess university outcomes
  • PSYC 552: Diversity Research in Institutional Research
    Primary research in a university/institutional setting with required Institutional Review Board procedures, quantitative and qualitative research methods, statistical tools

The Certificate Program also includes three units of internship in an Institutional Research Office.

For further details,


Visit the website

Interested in teaching at a college or university?

Teaching in Higher Education

This three-semester, 12-unit ONLINE certificate program introduces prospective and
current faculty to the teaching, learning and technology issues in the college classroom.

For course descriptions, schedule, deadlines, fees and more, visit the website or contact the College of eLearning & Extended Education at Humboldt State University: 707-826-3731 E-mail

eLearning: More Information

   University edventures

Drawing of bird flying, and holding binoculars

Birding: Tips & Trips

Enjoy this annual summer birdwatching course!


  Osher LIFElong learning institute (OLLI)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
OLLI: Courses and events by and for those aged 50 and over




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