Keys & Access Cards

Facilities Management is responsible for issuing and recording the issuance of all University keys and access cards. The Lock Shop office maintains an efficient tracking system for keys and access cards while providing an expeditious distribution to the campus community.

Campus keys and access cards are authorized through the proper department/administrative head with additional approval of the appropriate building coordinator.

The Office of the Vice President of Administrative Affairs distributes the building coordinator list. Those on this list are authorized to sign key/access card requests and key modifications. They also have been provided with a key directory to obtain key number(s) needed to complete requests.

Campus Grand Master and Building Master Key/Access Card requests must first go to the Office of the President for approval prior to processing by Facilities Management.

All forms must be legible and be completely filled out including specific key or template number. All forms MUST be signed by the correct Building Coordinator for the area requested. Key and Key Access Card requests forms must be picked up and submitted to Plant Operations Building Lock Shop Office.

For extending key expiration date. Access card expiration dates cannot be extended, a new authorization form is required.

When Facilities Management receives a key or access card request, the form is reviewed for appropriate authorization. Inadequately filled out forms are returned to the requesting department.

Facilities Management strives for a 24-hour processing time, however, requests are subject to extended processing times at the beginning of each semester or other high volume times.

Keys and access cards may be picked up at Plant Operations, in the Front Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Only the individual assigned on the authorization form can pick up or sign for the key or access card. A valid photo ID is required to pick up either a key or access card.

Responsibility for issued keys/access cards remains with the holders and due dates are expected to be honored. Key Modification forms are used to extend due dates for keys. Access cards expire on their due and cannot be modified. A new access card authorization is required to extend a due date for an access card.

When the keys/access cards are no longer needed or upon leaving the university all keys and valid cards must be returned to Facilities Management. Separating Employee Clearance forms will be signed only after verification that all keys and/or access cards assigned to that individual have been returned. The form requests that Facilities Management be contacted at least a 24-hours in advance. If the employee has been on campus several years we recommend a longer lead time to reconcile any record discrepancies prior to the employee's last day.

Persons issued keys/access cards shall be held responsible and accountable for all keys/access cards under their control. Loss or theft of keys must be reported to Facilities Management immediately. Lost Key Reports are completed at Plant Operations. A copy will be submitted to the authorizing department. A new key authorization is required to replace lost keys. The authorizing department may be charged labor and material costs if a re-key is necessary. A lost key access card may be replaced at the time of report, if the locksmith is available to program a new card.

Additional questions about key cards can be emailed here.