Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining the safe operation and maintenance records of each HSU fleet vehicle, as well as reporting the costs for each trip to accounting for billing to appropriate University Department Accounts. We also maintain records on current eligible drivers through a database, based on online Defensive Driving Training.

We take pride in the pool of vehicles that are available for University use and spend time and effort to keep these vehicles in safe running order and looking their best. It is also our task to enforce University policy which states that these vehicles are:

  • to be used on maintained roads only
  • no animals are to be transported (except animals trained to aid the handicapped)
  • no hitchhikers may be transported
  • no passengers other than persons directly involved with official university or state business.
  • drivers and passengers must use all safety devices and obey other regulations pertaining to the use of a state vehicle.

Vehicle Reservations

To reserve a vehicle a Pool Vehicle Request should be completed and faxed to 826-5888. A confirmation will be faxed back to the contact person listed on the form as soon as possible

Reservations and scheduling are done on a first-come, first-served basis under the following guidelines:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Auxiliary Organizations/Faculty & Staff Travel

After priority scheduling, requests for vehicles will be scheduled as they come in. Scheduling is done year round and we try to accommodate all requests for vehicles, however due to vehicle rotation needs, we cannot furnish a specific vehicle according to personal preference.

Authorization to Travel form must be on file before a vehicle is released for trip of 100 miles or more in one direction from campus.

Vehicle Pick-up

All vehicles are located in the fleet vehicle parking lot in front of the Plant Operations Building on the corner of 14th & B Streets. Come in the front office and be prepared to show the following identification:

  1. Valid California Drivers License OR valid out-of-state license with current printout of driving record from that state.
  2. Current Defensive Driving Card
  3. Faculty or staff must show faculty or staff card

Students must have a copy of Volunteer Form or Verification of Employment on file at Facilities Management.

Each driver of the University vehicle for the trip must sign the vehicle reservation card in order to be compliant with University regulations and to be covered by the state insurance policy.

Rental Vehicle Checkout Procedure

  • Show required identification
    Drivers License, Defensive Driving Card
  • Sign vehicle reservation card
  • Review return procedures

Pool Vehicle Checkout Procedure

  • Show required identification
    Drivers License, Defensive Driving Card
  • Sign vehicle reservation
  • You will be given instruction on how to fuel the vehicle with the credit card if you are using a pool vehicle (not a rental vehicle).
  • Perform a pre-inspection on the vehicle before it leaves the parking lot
  • If you are comfortable with the safety of the vehicle, you will be given a post-inspection booklet to complete at the end of your trip.

Rental Vehicle Check-In Procedure

  • Park vehicle in Plant Operations fleet parking lot so it is not blocking another vehicle.
  • Remove all personal belongings and trash.
  • Make sure the fuel tank is full, or Enterprise will charge approximately $2 more per gallon to fill it up.
  • Lock doors and roll up windows
  • Turn off all lights, including dome lights
  • Drop off keys and paperwork in Plant Ops office, or in drop slot if you return after hours. Follow instructions on green sheet attached to the envelope for calling in your returned vehicle.

Pool Vehicle Check-In Procedure

  • Complete your trip, make sure that the vehicle is returned by the time you specified
    Some vehicles are scheduled for multiple trips on the weekends, so it is important that vehicles are returned when scheduled
  • Remove all personal belongings and trash
  • Make sure the fuel tank is at least 3/4 full
  • Lock doors and roll up windows
  • Turn off all lights, including dome lights
  • Fill-out the Post Inspection booklet noting any malfunctions and return signed booklet with keys to Facilities Management.

Billing Information

Motor vehicle reports are prepared throughout the month. If you need to know the cost of the trip to be billed or if you need to make any changes to the account number, you should call 826-3646 and ask for the vehicle scheduler.

The report generated for motor vehicle charges at Facilities Management is turned in to Accounting by their monthly deadline. If you need billing information before this time, please call 826-3646. Please have the number of the vehicle or contract number that was used for the trip; this will be a big time saver to you. After accounting receives the report, they prepare separate bills and distribute those bills to the various departments impacted.

All changes in account numbers after the end of the month must be directed to the Accounting Dept.

Defensive Driving Classes

Note: There are two on-line trainings offered. One for HSU employees and another for non-HSU employees, student employees, or volunteers.

The Defensive Driving training is good for four years from the date of completion and will allow you to drive university vehicles, department vehicles or private vehicles on university business.

  • These courses are online and may be taken at your convenience. Go to the HSU Training & Professional Development web page. Be sure to pick the training that applies to you (either HSU Employee or Non-HSU Employee).
  • There is no charge for this class for HSU faculty, staff, students or CSU Volunteers.
  • You only need to complete a course every four years to keep your driving privilege valid.
  • If you are a student, you will need to have a signed off Volunteer Identification Form.  If you are a student employee, you will need to have a signed off Verification of Employment for Student Drivers Form.  (These forms may be found on the Plant Operations web page under “Forms”). 
  • After you complete this training, bring proof of completion to Plant Operations.  You will need to complete your paperwork and then you will receive your Defensive Driving Card.

It is your responsibility to take course training to keep this card current. Drivers are responsible for maintaining a current Defensive Driving card.

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