Work Control Center

The Work Control Center is the principal source of information and guidance for all maintenance, repair, and construction services provided by Facilities Management. Our aim is to provide a courteous and knowledgeable point of contact between Facilities Management and the Campus Community.

All Work Requests are processed and recorded through our computerized Maintenance Management System and tracked through the Work Control Center.

Services Provided

An emergency or routine maintenance request will be dispatched immediately. All other requests are processed and completed in the order received with priority given to Health and Safety then Academic Support.

Hours of Operation

Work Control Center is open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm, including the lunch hour.

After 5pm or on the weekends call UPD at ext. 5555 on campus or from off campus 826-5555 to report emergency and urgent conditions.

Submit a Request

Any situation putting people or property at risk, call 911!

A work request for services may be submitted to us in one of the following ways:

  • On Campus: ext. 4475
  • Off Campus: 826-4475
  • Campus Mail
  • In Person: Plant Operations Building, corner of 14th & B streets.
  • Work Request Forms
  • E-Work Request (This is the preferred method for NON-Emergencies)

Please be prepared to provide the following information for any request:

  • Description of services requested.
  • Location of problem. (Building, Room #)
  • Name, phone number and department of the requester.
  • An account number if request is a chargeback.

E-Work Request

Do not use the E-Work Request system to report emergency problems. For problems that need immediate attention, contact Work Control Center.

If you do not have a user ID and password, contact Facilities Management, Work Control Center.