Types of Work Requests

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs contact the Work Control Center during business hours at ext. 4475.

For emergency repairs after hours dial UPD at ext. 5555

For other types of building emergencies like fire, dial 911.

Routine Maintenance

For routine repairs use the E-Work Request System, or contact the Work Control Center.

University Accounts

A special category unique to HSU. Requesting departments are not charged for specific non-maintenance work that meets the type category and $200.00 cost limit established by the University. This does not apply to non-general fund programs. A Work Request form must be completed. Some of the categories covered by this account are:

  • Book shelf and bulletin board* installations
  • Name plates, signs and plaques
  • Electric outlet installation and alterations*
  • Coat hooks, Clocks and Pencil Sharpeners

See University Management Letter 00-05 dated October, 2000; Plant Operations Chargeback Policy for complete list.

* These requests must be approved by Facilities Managements' Construction Services Department

Cost Recovery

Facilities Management is mandated by the CSU Board of Trustees to charge departments for all new construction, remodeling, alterations or other work not classified as maintenance. This also includes charging auxiliary organizations for all work, including routine maintenance.

Cost recovery work requests are first routed through Facilities Management Construction Services where code compliance and building standards are ensured. Construction Services also provides planning, design and cost estimates.

Detailed Firm Quote Estimate

Usually includes, detailed planning, drawings and specifications. A cost estimate letter is mailed to Department and if approved, materials are ordered and job scheduled.

Budget Estimates

Rough estimates are used to help a department decide feasibility of a project. The work order is closed after the budget estimate is provided. Departments must submit a new work request to proceed with the project and a detailed estimate will be provided for approval before work can start.

Time and Materials

After consultation between department requesting work and planner, in some instances work can be issued on a time and material basis.

A Work Request form must be completed for all Department Cost Recovery Work Requests, an account number must be provided and it must be signed by a person with authority to expend funds.

If the work being requested will change the utilization of space, it must first be approved by the Campus Space Committee. Please call Facilities Planning at ext. 4111 for more information and placement on the Space Committee agenda.

Re-submit your Cost Recovery request with a copy of the Campus Space Committee approval letter.