A Home Away from Home

Humboldt State will be your student's home away from home for the next several years. We hope that you will feel at home here, too. Here are some resources for you to learn about our community and stay involved in your student's experience:

Humboldt Orientation Program »

During our August family and guest orientation program, participants will meet members of the campus community and learn more about Humboldt State through activities designed just for them.

Been There Done That »

Tips from other HSU families on matters large and small.

10 ways to support your student

- Compiled by a Student

  1. Send mail and care packages (they make us feel special)
  2. Learn to love email, instant messenger and video chats
  3. Tell us you are proud of us
  4. Keep us updated on what is going on at home and try to keep us involved in family life
  5. Write us (even if we don't write back)
  6. Ask what we have learned, not just the grade we got
  7. Visit (not too often – and call first)
  8. Call us (set up a weekly time)
  9. Encourage us to explore new subjects and interests
  10. Sometimes just listen. We may just need to get our thoughts straight and it helps to have someone who listens