Access Your Online Financial Aid Award

Students are notified every year by email when their award is available to be viewed and accepted online. There is a lot of important information in the email notification – please make sure to read it thoroughly!


Step 1: You must read and comply with all information in the Award Guide.


Step 2: Log into myHumboldt to view, accept, or decline your award.

You can view and take action on your award by clicking on “Accept Financial Awards” in the “Financial Matters” tab.

You are responsible for:

  • carefully reviewing your offer online,
  • reading and complying with all of the the information in the Award Guide,
  • and for notifying the Financial Aid Office in writing of any changes or corrections.

To report outside resources (such as scholarships or fee waivers) or any other items that may affect your aid, submit a Change Form available at:


Step 3: Check your “My Checklist” for additional documents required.

All required documents must be submitted to and reviewed by the Financial Aid Office.  Awarded aid is contingent upon the availability of funds and based on estimated fees until fees are finalized. If selected for Verification, all requested documents must be received and reviewed before Financial Aid can be determined and awarded.