Grants are funds made available by the federal and state governments and universities based on a student's financial need and, like scholarships, do not need to be repaid. By filing the FAFSA , you are automatically considered for grants. Grants at HSU include, but are not limited to:

* May require supplemental application or forms; see program information below for more information.

California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) Awards

Cal Grants are the largest source of free money for college to California residents. The grants are funded by the State of California and are administered by the California Student Aid Commission. The FAFSA contains questions specific to Cal Grants and must be submitted by March 2 each year. New applicants must also submit a GPA verification form to CSAC by March 2. This application is available on the web through the CSAC, or as a hard copy.

New Cal Grant winners will receive an award notice from the California Student Aid Commission.

If you limit enrollment to 6.0 or less units, the Cal Grant must be reduced. Notify us in writing immediately if taking 6.0 or fewer units for any term.

For more detailed information about CSAC awards, visit the California Student Aid Commission.

* Cal Grant A is intended for undergraduate students who have financial need. Grade point average is also a factor. This award assists in partial payment toward HSU registration fees. The maximum award for 2011/12 is $4,884.

* Cal Grant B provides a living allowance for most first-year undergraduate students whose parents have low income. The living allowance award for 2011/12 is $1,551. When renewed or awarded beyond the freshman year, the grant includes an additional tuition and fee award. The maximum tuition/fee grant for 2011/12 is $4,884 for the year.

If you withdraw from the Cal Grant Program for any reason, please inform us.

DREAM ACT for AB540 Students! . MORE INFO.

Federal Pell Grant (Pell)

The Federal Pell Grant is an entitlement program awarded to eligible students pursuing their first undergraduate degree or initial teaching credential. For a full-time student, the maximum Pell Grant for 2011/12 is $5550.

Federal Pell Grant For Teaching Credential Candidates

Students officially admitted into an initial post-baccalaureate teaching credential program are required to be enrolled at least half time (6 units) in required credential courses each semester. Eligibility for the Federal Pell grant is limited to one year in the credential program, and is added to a student's aid package late summer or early fall after a review confirms the student meets all the criteria. For a full-time student, the maximum Pell Grant for 2011/12 is $5550.

State University Grant (SUG)

A SUG is awarded to California residents for payment of CSU tuition fees and is based on the level of financial need and your HSU tuition and fees per term. This grant may be reduced or removed if student fees are waived or paid by another source, including Cal Grants.

Both graduates and undergraduates may be eligible for SUG. If you limit enrollment to 6.0 or less units, your SUG must be reduced. Notify us in writing immediately if taking 6.0 or fewer units for any term.

NOTE: Students who have completed 150 or more units (or 75 at HSU for those who have transferred in from a community college) will no longer be eligible for State University Grant. Additionally, SUG will only be available for those enrolled in 6 units or more. (Effective 08/13)


Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

A SEOG is awarded to eligible undergraduate students with an expected family contribution of zero. Funding for this grant is very limited and is usually awarded only to students from historically low-income families.

Educational Opportunity Program Grant (EOPG)

The EOPG is a state grant awarded to eligible, full-time undergraduate students admitted through the Educational Opportunity Program. Consult EOP/Student Support Services for admission criteria at (707) 826-4781.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant (BIA) & Tribal Scholarships

BIA grants are awarded to undergraduates who demonstrate need, and have membership in a federally recognized American Indian tribe. An additional application specific to each tribe is required. Applications have varying deadlines.

Contact your tribal Office Education Specialist for application information.