Office Location

Our office is located on the second floor of the Student & Business Services Building. Download Map (pdf).

Staff Directory


Current Position

Students Assigned by Last Name

Email: Phone: (707) 826 -
Heather Parker

Counselor- Last Names A-COA

Federal Work Study

Heather.Parker 5380
Jay Schock

Counselor- Last Names COB-GRA

NCAA Coordinator

schock 5376

Counselor- Last Names GRB-MAR


finaid 4321
Miriam Miner

Counselor - Last Names MAS-NH

CSAC Program Coordinator

Miriam.Miner 5385
Peter Gonsalves

Counselor- Last Names PAS-VAM

Cal Grant Program

Peter.Gonsalves 5382
Tracey Hubbard

Counselor- Last Names VAN-ZZ


Tracey.Hubbard 5366
Janeth Vasquez Financial Aid Specialist Janeth.Vasquez 5364
Karen Schaal Financial Aid Specialist/Lead schaal 5378
Katie Kitchen Administrative Analyst, Scholarship Coordidator 5369
Maria Elena Whaples

Assistant Director, Student Services

Counselor- Last Names NI-PR

me_whaples 5373
Patti Carlson

Associate Director - Operations


carlsonp 5361
Brendan Brisker Associate Director - Systems Brendan.Brisker 5365
Peggy Metzger Director pmetzger 5377