Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a financial aid program that allows you to work on campus, or in the community, to earn money to meet your educational costs. If you have been awarded Work Study, it will be indicated on your Financial Aid Award Notification.

FWS awards and the types of work vary. Federal work study is earned, and the money earned does not have to be repaid. You are responsible for seeking out and applying for your own position. Work study jobs are listed in the Career Center in Nelson Hall West, Room 130, and online through the Career Center's Web site.

University charges such as tutiion/fees and housing/dining cannot be deducted from FWS funds, as FWS is paid by monthly payroll check based on hours that are worked. You use your earnings toward any educational costs outlined in the cost of attendance.

We understand that you may, at first, be concerned that hours spent earning a work study award may impact your ability to focus on school. Bear in mind, your work study award is a maximum -- you can work as little or as much as you'd like (up to the dollar amount of your award).

There are several advantages to Work Study, including:

  • Opportunities to work on campus in the field in which you're most interested
  • Working on campus means a more flexible schedule, as your employers are aware of finals, spring break, and other academic events that might require time off.
  • You can also find work in the non-profit sector, with the government, or one of the schools in our area.

Work study is an excellent opportunity to "try out" your choice of career before you graduate.