My various projects tend to be related in some way to my physical environments and experience of them. Also, they are experiments in creating new environments. An individual painting can become a new place in itself, with sensations of things that might happen in a place, such as weather, touch, landscape, temperature, sex, or noise. Abstract marks interact with more recognizable shapes, and a kind of narrative ensues. When talking or writing about my work, I stray from defining the narratives. Instead, I try to describe them as I see them; both as the person that made them and decided they make sense, and also as a witness to the end result.

By not providing a literal translation of the visual elements, I have relinquished some control over what is read into the paintings. The person viewing a painting deciphers it within his/her own frame of reference, and is invited to enable the very act of looking to generate the meaning.

I think of both painting and looking as pleasureful experiences.


Susanna Bluhm,
Autumn, 2012