Brittany Britton


Rocketship by Brittany Britton


Airship Vacation no.4 (detail) by Brittany Britton


Community on Stellar STreet (detail) by Brittany Britton


Armada by Brittany Britton


Imagine a time when all that we have to build with is the rubble of what we have been. Living and growing during this time would be a hardship; people would be fighting one another. And yet there would be some who would look at that rubble as a material to re-build with and would look to the skies as their goal. At base this body of work I have created are about people’s capacity for perseverance. That we can, in a post-trauma future- have the ability to create such disparate means of conveyance, dwelling, and devices out of substandard meager materials.  I feel that a meaningful expression of our humanness is our ability to hope for a better future. We can live in dismal times and still be able to live in a good way and to our hearts content.

I have concentrated on moving away from the first grouping of balloons and blimps in their various forms to beginning to see what dwellings these people may live in. Home is an interesting concept for me to look at, whether it is my definition or others. Home is something that is eternal; it is a place or a state of mind I can return to at any time that has a sense of comfort and unvarying borders. For others Home is something that is constantly in flux and doesn’t have a set location in the physical or mental landscape. I wanted to bridge that gap, to give a sense of my notion of house/home in a seemingly eternal medium. Safety, warmth, and hope are all things that come together into these homes, despite their broken dilapidated image.


Brittany Britton
Summer 2012