Danielle DeMartini


Sly Shoe Poster by Danielle DeMartini


The Peony by Danielle DeMartini


Lavalliere by Danielle DeMartini


Nostalgia I Never Knew by Danielle DeMartini


Since the introduction of Adobe Photoshop and other artistic software, digital art has grown exponentially in its number of artists and admirers. I have lived in Humboldt my entire life, and six years ago I decided that art, especially digital art, was to be my path in life. Digital medium has offered me a wider range of style and versatility than other mediums. With Photoshop, I can bounce between styles such as animation, painterly, photo-realism, and imitation of traditional medium. The most liberating feeling about drawing and painting digitally is not having the image set in stone; it is like the paint is perpetually wet and marks never leave a shadow when erased.

During my three and a half years of earning a Studio degree from HSU, it became clear that digital art is an under-explored form within the campus art community. The many looks of confusion I received when I am a ‘digital artist’ inevitably led me to explain the workings and possibilities of the non-photo editing side of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and the use of a tablet. I enjoy spreading my knowledge of digital drawing and painting and hope my display will encourage other artists to experiment with this medium.


Danielle DeMartini
Summer 2012