Karen L. Kintz


Moon Levitation by Karen Kintz



The Bewildering Splendor of a Blind Contour by Karen Kintz


Pogo-a-Go-Go by Karen Kintz


I seek to capture moments in time by drawing from imagery in dreams, thoughts, and memories. Experiences through life transcend time and place. A hand’s position on a clock is only relevant when comparing it to the past and future. The place I am in is more than my coordinates on Earth or the tangible objects and people in proximity to me. My mind fills the spaces around me with sights, sounds, and sensations, which alter my reality. With the passage of time, memories transform. Real life often feels like a dream; brilliant, yet confusing.

I visually articulate these experiences by combining mixed media collage with pencil drawings. I collect collage materials from objects in daily life. I prepare my supports with empty graph paper to allude to a vast potential in people to accumulate knowledge and unfold experiences. By manipulating and adhering cardboard from packages I receive in the mail, coffee filters from early mornings, and notebook paper stained with leftover teabags and their memory filled fragrance, I create environments influenced by the landscapes around me in a limited palette. I draw figures to interact with the abstracted environments in isolated instances. I use the repeated motif of upward movement and the feeling of antigravity to encourage the viewer to transcend the day to day, and experience life beyond its normal boundaries.

Karen Kintz
Summer 2012