Maccabee Shelley


Reflection no. 11 by Maccabee Shelley


Reflection no. 18 by Maccabee Shelley


Reflection no. 5 by Maccabee Shelley


The experiences that make up our existence are numerous, unique, and evanescent, so methods for communicating them must also be unique.  Ceramics can be a way to stop time by creating something very specific that can be touched and examined time and again.  We absorb more information than we can consciously process or discuss, but the language of ceramics is deep and subtle enough to capture it.  By spending about half of each year focused on researching and testing materials and processes I broaden my expressive range and develop an intuitive understanding of the processes.  I spend the other half of the year focused on creating work by combining the experiences I have internalized through experimentation and testing of ceramic materials and all of my thoughts and experiences outside the studio.  I work in clay to capture reflections of my times and experiences and allow them to be reviewed at leisure in a language specially developed for the task.  I see each work as a potential artifact, a piece of right now.

These Reflections were created in spring of 2012 as a result of exploration of lower temperature materials and techniques the previous fall.  Attracted to cylinders and concave forms, I decided to use them as a platform for free expression on the surface.  I built the forms with a general idea in mind but was careful to avoid conscious thought when working on the finishes to create honest and unmediated reflections.  I’ve tried to capture reflections of my experience in the most expressive language that can be preserved and shared.


Maccabee Shelley
Summer 2012