Ryan Spaulding


Seated With Wig by Ryan Spaulding


Unexpected Hoopers by Ryan Spaulding


Red Bar by Ryan Spaulding


New Year Chili Pepper by Ryan Spaulding


Mariachis by Ryan Spaulding


Huddle Up by Ryan Spaulding


Couple O' Cracks by Ryan Spaulding


Bananas, Bagels, Coffee by Ryan Spaulding


My work is of the life that immediately surrounds me. It's a celebration of the people, moments, and experiences of my life. I feel a need to document, remember, and share experiences with others and my work is just another tool in doing so. The moments are of the everyday and not necessarily of significant times. A variety of figures make their way into my prints and paintings, but because I use my immediate surroundings for inspiration the figures are often times of family and friends.

Translating and animating the everyday with brushwork and mark-making is of great interest to me. I am not interested in replicating the photographs I work from, but instead want to suggest the images with heavy brushwork and loose mark-making. The suggestion of an image with more gestural qualities helps animate the everyday activity and bring it to life. It also aids in leaving the images open ended for the viewer to translate.
Even though my work reflects my direct experiences and observations, I hope it is left open enough for others to relate to. I hope in viewing my work people remember and celebrate the moments of their own life.


Ryan Spaulding
Summer 2012