Stephanie Vonderahe


Lemur by Stephanie Vonderahe


Walking by Stephanie Vonderahe


Escape by Stephanie Vonderahe


My work explores the continuous effects that humanity has on ecosystems and the organisms therein. I am fascinated by how humans/humanity manipulate, mutate, destroy and have power over creatures in these ecosystems. As a repercussion to the damage that mankind has caused from these actions, we have become vulnerable to be victims of the destruction along side all the organisms that we have overlooked.

My media of choice are printmaking and drawing.  Through these disciplines I am able achieve great detail and minute line-work, turning ugly situations into beautiful, highly detailed scenes, while drawing my viewer in for a closer look, physically and metaphorically. This manipulation of imagery and sight echoes humanities blindness to the destruction it causes. I mutate and manipulate wildlife, such as taking parts from different animals and putting them together to make them one. Many of these combinations are because of human involvement, such as animal testing for medical research and destroying the environment, like the Pacific Gyre. Mankind has been playing this supreme predator by ripping them apart and trying to put them back together again and again, repeating this cycle continuously.

Stephanie Vonderahe
Summer 2012