Tim Camp

Armchair Investigator by Tim Camp



Looking at it the wrong way? by Tim Camp

Mothman by Tim Camp

Mystery School by Tim Camp

Phantoms by Tim Camp

Blood Suckers by Tim Camp


Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” I found that quote written in a TIME magazine entitled Exploring The Unexplained, Copyright 2006, Time Inc. Home Entertainment. The inspiration for this body of work is based directly on true accounts of the unknown, and what I like to call “thorny issues.” Some of the images are translated from specific incidents recorded in books on the paranormal, while other images are more loosely based on my own interpretation of more modern encounters. The small scale of these images is meant to reference comic books and other book illustrations. The challenge I set for myself with that in mind was to tell a story in as little space as possible. This form of story telling, combined with my newly found love of relief carving, offers me exciting possibilities in this medium.


Timothy S. Camp
Winter, 2012