Sam Kirby

Backlit Thighs and Charcoal Eyes: the Dancers Corrina by Sam Kirby

Baron Vaugh by Sam Kirby

My name is Sam Kirby, I went to HSU to study studio art practices and graduated in 2011. I focused mainly on printmaking and painting.

Apart from being a printmaker, which satisfies my desire for analytical and calculative problem-solving in an otherwise esoteric and all too confusing professional field, ID like to say I am an artist. However the truth is this: I make pictures and through the use of various drawing/design conventions these pictures often have the trappings of what is typically referred to as art. I’m still trying to make sense of this truth myself and to fight the tendency to absolve myself of responsibility for my work. I’ll get it though.

These images were composed with less emphasis on a particular meaning or narrative and more so on creating images that could be silkscreened at the Ink Annex lab. Using the facility we rigged up I wanted to see how much visual impact I could achieve in single screen images un-compromised by lab difficulties. These images are hopefully a good testament to the coordinated efforts of some stellar printmakers and of course the High Priestess Sarah Whorf.

Sam Kirby
Winter, 2012