Ryan Hurst


untitled by Ryan Hurst

I see my work as my own version of media propaganda, challenging our contemporary culture as a corrupt system with greed for material wealth undermining our quality of life.  American self-indulgence and corporate-driven consumer hedonism challenges my values.

My works are trophies intended for the mantle, memorializing the issues of how we live, referencing classical proportions of ancient Greek form, and incorporating imagery of current events much as the Ancient Greeks used their vessels to record and commemorate their society and culture.

My imagery articulates the contrast between a beautiful form and a crude image.
The contrast of black and white is a metaphor for the polarities of discipline and anarchy. I walk a line between issues of external/internal control and my personal struggle with my perceptions of the world. My role as an artist is to be issue-oriented through social and political education.

Ryan Hurst
Autumn, 2013