HSU First Street Gallery – A Temporary Exhibitions Facility

 FSG floor plan

The gallery has a total of 1,900 square feet of exhibition floor space and 300 total running feet of wall space. Additionally. We have nine freestanding, mobile 7-foot high x 4-foot wide pylons yielding 72 running feet in 4-foot increments.

Projects Room: 14 feet high ceilings. 1,120 square feet of exhibition floor space. Wall space is 165 running feet total (85  running feet @ 14 ft. high and 80 running feet @ 8 ft. high).

South Room: 11 feet high ceilings. 780 square feet of exhibition floor space. Wall space is 135 running feet total (65 running feet @ 11 ft. high, 42 running feet @ 10 ft. high and 28 running feet @ 8 feet high).

Lighting: Incandescent halogen track lights and natural light.  North light comes through floor to ceiling windows along the north wall of gallery, in the Projects Room reception area.  Light levels can be controlled with special preparation, but this is normally regarded as a bright gallery.

Delivery: Delivery doors are 94 inches high and approximately 53 inches wide. The doors allow for a diagonal entry of no greater than 107 inches in any dimension.

Preparation and Storage: The gallery has a fully equipped prep shop and multiple support and display systems, bases and cases. Limited short-term art storage is available.

Security: Full time security when open with movement, sound, pressure and smoke detectors sensors with alarm to Eureka Police and Fire Departments when closed.

Download a detailed Floor Plan here (pdf 89 kb)
Full facility report available on request

Installation by Hana Hillerova   Jon Rajkovich sculpture
                                                                   Installation by Hana Hillerova & Jon Rajkovich sculpture