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Latino Mentoring Program

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Latino Peer Mentoring

The Latin@ Peer Mentoring Program is a one-unit mentoring class led by students who are connected with the Latino community. You can participate in the Latino Peer Mentoring Program in addition to any FIG, Fall Bridge, or residential learning community. The mentors know about some of the challenges that students face when attending college far from family or find the surrounding community is very different from home—and they want new students to feel connected right away.

Latino Peer Mentoring is about building friendships while learning. It is also about getting involved in academic and cultural clubs, recreational activities, and community organizations. And while the focus is on developing connections, it is also about discovering how to advocate for yourself, having a voice in the academic community, and learning how to balance school, personal, and family commitments.

Some of last year’s activities included guest speaker presentations, an enchilada dinner, games and a bonfire at the beach, a Homecoming BBQ, scavenger hunts, time management workshops, Arcata bus tours, and simply making dinner together.

If you want to have fun while learning new things, making close friendships with students and faculty, and succeeding in your classes, then sign up for the Latin@ Peer Mentoring Program. For more information, contact or call (707) 826-5217.

Past Year Activities:

  • Enchilada dinner
  • Games and a bonfire at the beach
  • Homecoming BBQ
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Time management workshops
  • Arcata bus tours
  • Making dinner together

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