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HOWL—Humboldt Outdoor Wilderness Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I participate in HOWL?

To make friends, to experience something new, to have fun and to learn about myself!

Does this trip take place of orientation (HOP)?

No. It is expected that you attend the mandatory orientation. We will return from the wilderness the day before orientation starts.

What time do I arrive for HOWL?

You must be present and ready to participate on the morning of August 19th.

Is there a place to store my belongings?

We will have limited storage available for your belongings that you will not be bringing on the trip. Please make sure to label all of your belongings.

What kind of physical and mental shape do I need to be in?

**The HOWL experience will be physically and mentally challenging**

We strongly encourage you to engage in some regular physical activity in preparation for the trip. You will be responsible for carrying your own belongings and equipment, expect to carry a backpack that can weigh 40-50 lbs. You can also expect to hike 4-10 miles a day.

Do I need previous outdoor experience?

No experience is necessary. However, you will need a positive attitude, an open mind, and openness to learning.

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, what if I’m 21 or over?

No alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs will be allowed during the wilderness trip. This guideline is important for your safety and in consideration of other participants.