Michael G. Scott Award


Michael Scott with salmonThe Michael G. Scott Award is given annually to the outstanding graduating senior in the Department of Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State University. The outstanding senior is selected on the basis of HSU GPA and on contributions made to the fisheries profession. The award carries with it a financial gift ($1000), the student name and award recognition are announced during graduation ceremonies, and the student's name is added to a brass plaque that hangs prominently on the second floor of the Fisheries and Wildlife Building.

Award Recipients

Follow this link to meet the past award winners.

Some words about Michael Scott as told by his father, Cuthbert Scott:

“Michael was enamored with wild and all living things beginning as a toddler.  His greatest interests as he grew up had to do with wildlife.  As he grew older these interests focused on fishing.  He served 2 or 3 years in Vietnam in support of combat units.  After Humboldt, he was one of the helicopter borne firefighters (smokejumpers) and ended up with the U.S. Forest Service as a ranger and fish biologist in Alaska.  He spent a lot (probably most) of time in the field and most of his projects had to do with improvement of fish habitat in the Misty Fjords and Tongass NF areas.  And, as for many other HSU Fisheries Biology students, he loved to fish!”

Michael Scott with halibut

Michael Scott (in red plaid shirt) with an Alaskan Pacific halibut
that looks to be about 140 lb.