Freshwater Fish Hatchery


Humboldt State University Fish Hatchery

Located adjacent to the Wildlife/Fisheries building, the Fish Hatchery provides freshwater wet lab facilities for Fish Physiology, Fish Health, Limnology, Sampling Theory and Techniques in Fisheries Biology. Students learn the skills of fish husbandry in Aquaculture. Both graduate and undergraduate students use the extensive fish rearing capabilities of the facility in their research.

The site includes a 3000 square foot building housing a small laboratory, egg incubators, tanks for rearing fry and research projects, and pumps and filters. Two raceways, 6 ten foot circular tanks, and a large pond are located on the grounds.

Fish Rearing Facilities

Egg Incubation

  • Four 8 tray vertical stack incubators
  • UV Disinfection
  • Temperature Control for Year Round Operation

Fry Rearing and Research Tanks

  • Sixteen 100 gallon 3' diameter tanks
  • Eight 150 gallon 4' semi-square tanks

Yearling and Broodstock Rearing

  • Six 10' diameter circular ponds
  • Two 100' x 5' raceways

Students in ActionStudents counting in hatchery lab.

The purpose of the Humboldt State University Freshwater Fish Hatchery is to provide a wet lab facility for teaching and research activities. Students in undergraduate classes in the Fisheries and Biological Sciences use the facilities, or fish produced, to become proficient scientists through participation in laboratory activities. Additionally, the hatchery provides opportunities for highschool and elementary school activities which focus on interpretation of environmental science.

Aquaculture: Fish 370

  • Students learn the techniques of trout culture
  • Spawn trout broodstock
  • Care for incubating eggs and sac fry
  • Rear and transport yearling catchable trout

Stone Lagoon Cutthroat Trout Enhancement

  • HSU Students developed coastal cutthroat trout broodstock in 1987 from wild caught trout
  • Cutthroats released into Stone Lagoon were trapped by students in the Freshwater Fish Ecology class and spawned by students in the Aquaculture Class
  • Progeny produced were stocked into Stone Lagoon to enhance the recreational fishery


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