Helen Mulligan


Adjunct Professor


  • B.S. Biological Sciences, 1976, Florida Atlantic University
  • M.S. Biological Sciences, 1985, University of Central Florida
  • Ph.D. Zoology, 1991, University of Maryland

Courses taught at HSU

  • FISH 311 Fish Physiology
  • FISH 540 Early Life History of Fishes
  • BIOL 340 General Genetics
  • BIOL 345 General Genetics, Population Emphasis

Current Research Interests

  • Larval fish development and ecology
  • Ecological genetics
  • Population structures of green sturgeon
  • Population structure of California halibut using genetic techniques

Selected Publications

  • Mulligan, Helen L., Arthur W. Kendall Jr., and Ann C. Matarese. The Significance of Morphological Variation in Adults and Larvae of the rock sole, Pleuronectes bilineatus, from the Bering Sean and Northeastern Pacific Ocean. In, Proceedings of the International Symposium on North Pacific Flatfish, Alaska Sea Grant College Report No. 95-04, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Pg. 133-150.


Contact:  Helen.Mulligan@humboldt.edu