Timothy Mulligan, Professor

Dr. Timothy Mulligan

Contact Information

Email: Timothy.Mulligan@humboldt.edu
Phone: 707-826-3951
Office: WDFS, Rm 158


  • B.S in Biological Sciences, 1977, University of Vermont
  • M.S. in Biological Sciences, 1981, University of Central Florida
  • Ph.D. in Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences, 1987, University of Maryland

Courses currently taught at HSU

  • FISH 435 Ecology of Marine Fishes
  • FISH 335 US and World Fisheries
  • FISH 375 Mariculture
  • FISH 410/510 Topics in Advanced Ichthyology:
    (Early Life History of Fishes; Biology of Sharks & Rays)

Current Research Interests

My overall research interests involve the ecology of estuarine and marine fishes. Most recently I have studied young-of-the-year rockfish inhabiting eelgrass beds, rocky intertidal habitats, and near shore kelp beds. I am also studying habitat use and the feeding ecology of juvenile and adult rockfishes, lingcod, greenling and cabezon inhabiting near shore rocky reefs off northern CA. My freshwater interests focus on fishes inhabiting Upper Klamath Lake Marsh, including endangered shortnose and Lost River suckers. I am also actively involved in restoration projects in the Upper Klamath Basin.

Recent Graduate Students

Selected Publications

  • Garwood, R.S., T.J. Mulligan, and E.P. Bjorkstedt. 2013. Ichthyological assemblage and variation in a northern California Zostera marina eelgrass bed, Northwestern Naturalist, 94: 35-50.

  • Studebaker, R.S., K.M. Cox, and T.J. Mulligan. 2009. Recent and historical spatial distributions of juvenile rockfish, Sebastes spp., in rocky intertidal tidepools with emphasis on Sebastes melanops, Trans., Am. Fish. Soc., 138:645-651.

  • Studebaker, R.S. and T.J. Mulligan. 2009. Feeding habits of young-of-the-year black (Sebastes melanops) and copper (S. caurinus) rockfish in eelgrass habitats of Humboldt Bay, California, Northwestern Naturalist, 90:17-23.

  • Studebaker, R.S. and T.J. Mulligan. 2008. Temporal variation and feeding ecology of juvenile rockfish (Sebastes) in rocky intertidal tidepools of northern California, with emphasis on Sebastes melanops Girard, J. Fish. Biol., 72: 1393-1405.

  • Gleason, E. and T.J. Mulligan. 2008. Fish distribution in Humboldt Bay, California: A GIS perspective by habitat type. In: S.C. Schlosser and R. Rasmussen (editors), Current Perspectives on the Physical and Biological Processes of Humboldt Bay, California, California Sea Grant, pp. 105-165.

  • Mulligan, T.J. and M. Jones. (In Peer Review). Subtidal Fishes over Sandy Bottom Habitats off Humboldt Bay, CA. For submission: California Fish and Game Scientific Journal.

  • Jones, M. and T.J. Mulligan. (In Review). Deployment of Standard Monitoring Units for the Recruitment of Fishes, SMURFS, for assessing Juvenile Rockfish Populations in Trinidad Bay, California. J. Exp. Mar. Biol.& Ecol.

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