Susan SchlosserPhoto Dave Hankin


Faculty Associate


  • B.S. University of California, Santa Cruz, 1974 (Biology)
  • M.S. California State University, San Jose, 1989 (Marine Science)

Current Research Interests

  • Sea urchin growth, nutrition, and reproduction
  • Effects of environmental factors on fertilization success in abalone
  • Abalone nutrition
  • Effects on Endangered Species' listings on coastal economies

Selected Publications


  • McBride, S.C. 1998. Abalone Aquaculture in the Californians. Manuscript accepted to Proceedings of the Third International Abalone Symposium. In press. Journal of Shellfish Research.
  • McBride, S.C. 1997. Packaging and shipping live adult, juvenile, and larval abalone (Haliotis spp.) for commercial and research purposes, pages 51-58. in: J. B. Peters and B. Paust, editors, Proceedings from Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatics Products. October 13-16, 1996, Seattle, Washington. Northeast Regional Aquacultural Engineering Services, Ithaca, New York. 288 pp.
  • McBride, S. and F.S. Conte. 1996. California Abalone Aquaculture. ASAQ-A10. 4 pp. California Aquaculture Homepage:
  • McBride, S. (ed) 1995 & 1996. Abalone workshop I & II: a series of educational workshops on current developments in abalone enhancement projects and the aquaculture industry. UCCE Sea Grant, Eureka, CA. 45 pp.

  • Martinez. A.M. F.M. Barajas, M.C.R. Jaramillo, A.P. Serrano, H.L. Castro. O. Moran, F.J. Lucero, R.S. Bernal, A. Salas, S.G. del Proo, S.C. McBride. 1994. Programma de Investigacion y Desarrollo Cientifico para el Cultivo del Abulon. Vols. 1-3. Published by the Secretaria de Pesca, La Paz, Baja California del Sur, Mexico.

Sea Urchin

  • McBride, S.C., J.M. Lawrence, A.L. Lawrence, and T.M. Mulligan. 1998. The effects of protein concentration on the growth, feeding rate, gross assimilation efficiency and total organic absorption of Strongylocentrotus franciscanus. Journal of Shellfish Research.

  • Mc Bride, S.C. 1997. Aquaculture boosts urchin roe production. California Agriculture. 51(4): 30-31.

  • McBride, S.C., W.D. Pinnix, J.M. Lawrence, A.L. Lawrence and T.M. Mulligan. 1997. The Effect of Temperature on Production of Gonads by the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanus fed Natural and Prepared Diets. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. 28(4): 357-364.

  • McBride, S. 1993. Red Sea Urchin Culture Methods Workshop. IN: Sea Urchin, Kelp, Abalone News 2(Sept. 1993), U.C. Davis.

Miscellaneous Educational Materials

  • Endangered Species Act Workshop. 1997. Binder of federal registers, regulations, and descriptive material to write plans for sections 4, 7, and 10 of the Endangered Species Act. Prepared for participants of the workshop.

  • Book of Abstracts for Third International Abalone Symposium. 1997.

  • McClellan, K.C., B. DeYoung. S. McBride. 1996. Online, byline, or redefine - how to communicate with new coastal audiences. IN: Seeding Balance: Conflict, Resolution & Partnership Conference Proceedings. Eds: T. Bigford, R. Boyles. Coastal Society, Alexandria, VA. 784 pp.

  • McBride, S. 1995. California's Tsunami Educational Activities and Needs. IN: Tsunami Educational Planning Workshop Findings and Recommendations, Eds: J. W. Good. NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL PMEL-106: 39-41.

  • McBride, S. 1996. Sandy Beach Ecosystems. IN: Coastal Dune Ecology Teacher's Manual. Friends of the Dunes, Arcata, California. p 14-21 plus figures.