Nicholas A. Som, Statistician (Biology), USFWS – Arcata Fisheries Program

Dr. Nicholas A. Som

Contact Information



  • B.S. Mathematics, 2000, Regis University
  • M.S. Statistics, 2002, Washington State University
  • Ph.D. Forest Science (Ecological Statistics), 2009, Oregon State University

Courses Taught at HSU

  • STAT 410/510  Modern Statistical Modeling

Current Research Interests

  • Statistical methods for modeling habitat use
  • Statistical methods for modeling fish disease dynamics
  • Spatial sampling
  • Life-cycle dynamics modeling

Selected Publications

  • Som, N.A., Goodman, D.H., Perry, R.W., Hardy, T.B. 2015. Habitat suitability criteria via parametric distributions: estimation, model selection and uncertainty. River Research and Applications, Online Early. doi: 10.1002/rra.2900.
  • Goodman, D.H., Reid, S.B., Som, N.A., Pytress, W.R. 2015. The punctuated seaward migration of Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus): environmental cues and implications for streamflow management. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., Accepted. doi: 10.1139/cjfas-2015-0063.
  • Som, N.A., Monestiez, P., Ver Hoef, J.M., Zimmerman, D.L., Peterson , E.E. 2014. Spatial sampling on streams: Principles for inference on aquatic networks. Environmetrics. 25(5): 306-323. doi: 10.1002/env.2284.
  • Goodman, G.H., Som, N.A., Alvarez, J., Martin, A. 2014. A mapping technique to evaluate age-0 salmon habitat response from restoration. Restoration Ecology. Early View Online. doi: 10.1111/rec.12148.
  • Ray, A.R., Perry, R.W., Som, N.A., Bartholomew, J.L. 2014. Using cure models for analyzing the influence of pathogens on salmon survival. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 143(2): 387-398.
  • Wenger, S.J., Som, N.A., Dauwalter, D.C., Isaak, D.J., Neville, H.M., Luce, C.H., Fausch, K.D., Dunham, J.B., Young, M.K., Reiman, B.E. 2013. Probabilistic accounting of uncertainty in forecasts of species distributions under climate change. Global Change Biology. 19(11): 3343-3354. doi: 10.1111/gcb.12294.
  • Malakauskas, D.M., Willson, S.J., Wilzback, M.A., Som, N.A.. 2013. Flow variation and substrate type affect dislodgement of the freshwater polychaete, Manayunkia speciosa. Freshwater Science. 32(3): 862-873. doi: 10.1899/12-140.1.
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