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The Fish Collection (HSU) contains approximately 46,000 specimens, with more than 1200 catalogued species. There are no type specimens. The Collection emphasizes northwestern California but there are holdings from throughout the World. The collection contains 70% marine species and 30% freshwater. There are approximately 100 dry skeletal preparations and another 50 cleared-and-stained specimens in glycerin. A larval fish collection of about 1400 lots is also maintained. The collection is on a computerized database.

Specimens may be examined at Humboldt State University and are available for loan to qualified researchers at recognized institutions. Specimens on loan may not be transferred to individuals or institutions without written permission. Any technique that alters the specimen must be authorized. Holotypes and paratypes of new species will be distributed to qualified institutions after authorization by the Curator. The Collection should be acknowledged in publications resulting from use of specimens or data.

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