California Department of Fish and Game
Volunteer Program


In the fall of 1992, a cooperative volunteer group was formed between California Department of Fish and Game and Humboldt State University. This program was established by John Schwabe, CDFG Fish Habitat Specialist, in order to get the university students involved in watershed restoration projects within their community. As a volunteer in this program, you are considered an unpaid employee of the California Department of Fish and Game. This program offers "hands on" experience in the fisheries and restoration field and looks great on a resume. The program also allows the volunteer to meet and work with other local resource agencies such as: U.S. Forest Service, and Humboldt Fish Action Council. Projects undertaken by the group has included: salmon spawning and carcass surveys, hatchery fish fin clipping, salmon migration trap monitoring, stream-bank stabilization, tree planting in riparian areas, building of fish weirs, designing and constructing instream fish habitat structures and the construction of fish baffles for culverts. The group meets at 6:00 p.m., the first Tuesday of every month, in the Natural Resource Building, Room 222, at Humboldt State University. New members are always welcome and you need not be an HSU student.

Volunteers hard at work.

For more information contact

John Schwabe (707) 441-2006