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With lumber salvaged from a razed dormitory, four abandoned troughs, redwood shake bolts from a barrel factory, 10,400 salmon eggs delivered from the Little River on Feb. 24, 1940, and later enough beef livers and spleens (thanks to the State Division of Meat Inspection) to keep the small fry fed, the study of Natural Resources and Fisheries was spawned at Humboldt State 68 years ago. (more...)

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program
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Graduate Program
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Cooperative Programs

A PhD fishery scientist working for the National Marine Fisheries Service has been located at HSU to oversee northern California fisheries oceanographic sampling as part of the Pacific Coast Ocean Observing System.

CA Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
One of 40 such cooperative research units in the USGS Cooperative Research Unit Program.  Cooperators are Humboldt State University, the California Department of Fish and Game, and the U. S. Geological Survey.  The Coop Unit plays a critical role in graduate education in our program.