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Michael G. Scott Award Winners

Martin Anderson

photo of Martin Anderson

2016 Co-recipient

It is an honor to receive the Michael G. Scott Award. I want to express warm thanks to the professors, students and staff of the Humboldt State University Fisheries program for an excellent undergraduate education. I went to HSU with the intention of earning a degree dedicated to the study of fish. I received what I sought and so much more. The advice from professors, fellowship with fisheries students, field experience and career resources make up what I consider to be the most valued aspect of the Fisheries Biology program at HSU which is the successful integration of ideas and actions and people. I learned about the concepts and theories of fisheries biology in the classroom with the insights of my professors and peers. These ideas were put into action through the many hands on labs that called for interpretation of the data my classmates and I had worked together on collecting ourselves. Much of what I learned and did with my peers in one class applied to many of my other classes and fisheries career options, creating an interlocking structure of ideas, actions and people that forms a solid undergraduate education.

Thanks to the supportive environment created by the HSU Fisheries Biology program, I have sought and held two fisheries internships and a fisheries technician position during my summers as an undergraduate. Right after graduation, I am swimming off for a promising future with the California Heritage and Wild Trout Program, starting out as a scientific aide for them this summer. Graduate studies are still a distinct possibility. Cutthroat trout would likely be the subject of interest in my search for a research assistantship. It is also likely that I will apply to the California Conservation Corps Watershed Stewards project before entering graduate school. In the long term, I would like to continue working with the lesser known species of salmonids as a fisheries biologist for either a government agency or private organization.

Finally I want to thank Michael G. Scott’s family for their appreciation of fisheries students and making distinguished guest speakers available to students heading into the fisheries field to carry on Michael’s work and legacy.

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