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Michael G. Scott Award Winners

Debora Herndon

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2006 Recipient

After graduating in 2006 I started working for Nevada Department of Wildlife as a Conservation Aide in Boulder City.  I assisted in netting surveys, data collection, data analysis, and assisted in the rearing of razorback suckers at the Lake Mead Hatchery.  At the end of my seasonal position, I obtained a term position as a biologist with Nevada Department of Wildlife in Boulder City.
My current position as a biologist involves two different projects:  The Lake Mead Razorback Sucker Augmentation Program and the Lake Mohave Habitat Enhancement Project.  These two projects are quite different from one another allowing for a variety of duties.  For the razorback sucker project I continue to work with the razorback sucker, an endangered native fish of the Colorado River system.  This work includes collecting wild larvae, rearing the larvae at the Lake Mead Hatchery and transferring sub-adult fish to grow-out ponds to continue their growth until they reach a size suitable for repatriation to Lake Mead. 

While the razorback sucker project is mostly concerned with fish culture, the Lake Mohave Habitat Enhancement Project is designed to improve fishing opportunities in key areas on Lake Mohave and includes construction and placement of habitat structures, SCUBA diving to assess the effectiveness of the structures, and assisting in lake-wide surveys to assess the fishery.  So far, the habitat project has been successful, as dive surveys have found the habitat to be effective at attracting largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.

I have been enjoying my fisheries job with Nevada Department of Wildlife.  I find it very rewarding to know that I am contributing to the continued existence of the endangered razorback sucker and that I am helping to improve fishing on Lake Mohave with the placement of artificial habitat that will remain in the lake for years to come. 

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