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Michael G. Scott Award Winners

Chad Martel

photo of Chad Martel

2016 Co-recipient

My time at Humboldt State has included some of the most educational and enjoyable experiences of my life. The ability to work and learn outdoors with fish, has been nothing short of awesome. After thinking about the experience as a whole, what I have come to value most about my time at HSU boils down to two things. One, time on the water. This is why I chose the Fishery program at HSU, and it is the reason most other student I know came here as well. Being outside, in the mud, the sand, and the water, looking for and at fish. I was lucky enough to secure a position as a tech on number of projects that took me to places in California that I would have never seen or fished on my own. I am thankful to all who made that amazing experience possible; Dr. Tim Mulligan especially, but all of the graduate students, undergrads, and many others, who made it happen and made it fun. The second, and equally valuable aspect of my time here, was the time spent in the classroom. Being engaged in what you are learning makes it easier to learn, and the faculty here work hard to make that happen. I owe all of the professors a huge thank you.

My immediate plan for after graduation is a summer in Alaska, commercial salmon fishing on another HSU alumni’s 38’ gill netter. Afterwards it is applying to graduate schools and continuing my education, hopefully for the foreseeable future. Again, thank you to all those in the Department of Fisheries Biology here at Humboldt State.

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