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Michael G. Scott Award Winners

Angela Shaver

photo of  Angela Shaver

2015 Recipient

I would like to think of myself like a wave barraged barnacle, strong. My nature is flexible like a macroalgae blade. My mind I should hope, is as fecund with ideas as a Mola mola is with eggs. I wish to thank my instructors for providing me with a solid foundation in Fisheries Biology. Their commitment to providing truly comprehensive and engaging classes has instilled in me a deep understanding of aquatic ecosystems and how we may pursue sustainable management.

I am grateful for HSU’s applied learning environment, as I believe it is essential for this field of science. Of course, it is also incredibly fascinating in itself, to participate in activities such as: endangered species monitoring, limnological surveys, rearing of aquatic organisms, and so much more! I also quite enjoyed my time as a Habitat Restoration Crew Member for the Humboldt Fish Action Council in partnership with the HSU Natural Resources Club.

I believe that the statement that best characterizes Fisheries Biology, also applies to my after-graduation voyage to success. That is, “It’s complicated”. My will is as indomitable as that of a returning salmon; and it seems that, like a salmon I cannot keep myself restricted to just freshwater science or marine science. I wish to gain more experience in Marine Biology and work at sea.

I am currently seeking a position as a Fisheries Observer. My main duty will be collecting and recording fish catches and biological samples for the National Marine Fisheries Service aboard commercial fishing vessels. I have also applied for fisheries and marine mammal technician positions. I enjoy the idea of working off the coast of Alaska, even with or to some extent because of the challenges it will present. I would also like to travel to New Zealand and Australia; as I am captivated by the mind-boggling biodiversity of fishes and aquatic arthropods.

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