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HSU Forms

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Form Numbersort icon Title/Details Department Direct Link
Position Change Form University Budget Office
Position Description Form Human Resources
Performance Pay Salary Increase Recommendation - Unit 4 Human Resources

Position Description/Classification Guide Human Resources

Petition of the Student Office of the Registrar

Petition to Waive or Substitute Office of the Registrar

ProCard Application Contracts and Procurement
ProCard Account Revision Form Information Technology Services
ProCard Lost Receipt Memo Contracts and Procurement
Pool Vehicle Request Form Facilities Management
Publicity Approval Form Clubs & Activities
Petition to Purchase Honors Cord for Commencement Office of the Registrar

Payroll Deduction Authorization Philanthropy
Pledge Agreement Philanthropy

Protected Information Rescan Survey Information Technology Services
Privacy Notice - Employee Assistance Program Human Resources
Purchase Order Change Request Contracts and Procurement
Payment Request Form Financial Services
PERS Declaration of Health Benefits Human Resources
Password Group Setup form (Aging) Information Technology Services
Petty Cash form Financial Services
Powerpoint presentation about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Sponsored Programs Foundation
Pregnancy Disability Certification Human Resources
Portal Change Request Form Information Technology Services
ProCard 16-17 Cycle Dates Contracts and Procurement
PCI Application Financial Services

Procedures for HSU SPF Board of Directors “Open Forum” Sponsored Programs Foundation
Professional Pathways: Opportunities for Hands-On Career & Research Experience Sponsored Programs Foundation
Procard Reconciliation Instruction Manual Contracts and Procurement
Pre-Designation of Physician Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources
Participant Application Form Risk Management & Safety
PHOIRE Template Office of the President
Procard 17-18 Cycle Dates Contracts and Procurement
APS PE & MPR Periodic Evaluation and Modified Performance Review Coverpage Academic Personnel Services
PR 20 PR 20 - Federal College Work Study Time Voucher Payroll

RTP PDP Professional Development Plan Form (PDP) Academic Personnel Services

RTP PDS Personnel Data Sheet (PDS) Academic Personnel Services

STD 204 Payee Data Record Form STD. 204 Contracts and Procurement