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HSU Forms

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Form Number Title/Details Department Direct Linksort icon
Form 5 Request to Vice President to Offer Appointment-Over 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) Human Resources
Request for Live Scan Service Form (Fingerprinting) Human Resources
Required Notification for Employees Not Covered by Social Security (SSA-1945 Form) Human Resources
Request for Payment of Hospitality Expenses Financial Services
HSU 71 Report of Missing Property Form Financial Services
RM - Field Trip Participant Roster Contracts and Procurement
RM - Field Trip Sign Out Release Agreement Contracts and Procurement
Request For Record Information University Police Department
Rental Vehicle Request Form Facilities Management
001 Reservation Request for the Native American Forum (BSS162) Center for Indian Community Development
Retirement Information Human Resources
Request for Service Credit - Service Prior to Membership Human Resources
ROUTING FORM for Center for International Programs International Programs
Reduced Course-Load (RCL) Authorization International Programs
Rehired Annuitant Certification Human Resources
Release Liability & Medical Release Form Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Rubric Outcomes Assessment Oral Pres Academic Programs
Raffle Approval Form Philanthropy
Reference Check Information for Recommended Candidate Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources
APS RTP REP Range Elevation Portfolio (REP) Coverpage Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources
RE Access request and Confidentiality Philanthropy

APS Form 900 Request for Participation in Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Academic Personnel Services

Registration Petition for Adds with Time Conflicts Office of the Registrar

Request for Authorization to Travel (Domestic travel) Financial Services

Request for International Travel Financial Services

Receipting Instruction for Deposits at the Cashier’s Office Financial Services

Request for Use of University Facility Contracts and Procurement

Form 104 Report of Appointment for Staff Human Resources

Form 109 Report of Separation for Staff - (Electronic) Human Resources

Reimbursement Request Human Resources

Use only when a department is paying for travel expenses of interviewed candidates.

Registration and Consent for Treatment Health Center

Rel1 Release of Records Health Center