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2013 Campus Dialogue on Race

The Campus Dialogue on Race (CDOR) is an annual event at Humboldt State University that invites students, staff, faculty, administrators and community members to present and attend programs that relate to racial justice and its intersections with all forms of oppression and resistance. Our objective is to create spaces and structures for reflection, analysis, dialogue and positive strategies for change. This year's Dialogue will run from November 1-8.

The vision of Campus Dialogue on Race is to achieve racial, social, and environmental justice. The program's mission is to promote and facilitate social and environmental change by engaging a diverse range of individuals, communities and viewpoints to explore the impact of racism and its intersections with all forms of oppression.

This year’s theme is "(In)Justice and Resistance: Past, Present and Potential."

This theme encompasses the following:

  • Body Justice*
  • Racism in a “Post-Racial” Society
  • Justice for Trayvon(s): Stand Whose Ground?
  • Environmental Racism / Environmental Justice
  • Food Politics / Food Justice
  • Disability Justice
  • No Body is Illegal: Immigration Justice
  • Activism to End Violence
  • Gender Injustice / Engendering Justice
  • Prison Abolition
  • Education Justice
  • HSU – the Next 100 Years


Body Justice offers a positive framing that speaks to a history of resistance and asks us to think about justice in a new way. "Body" helps us think about what systemic changes we need to liberate all of our bodies, and it calls to mind multiple intersecting systems of oppression in the context of resistance.

Proposal Guidelines:
Your proposals should aim to do one or more of the following:
A) Enhance the mission and vision of Campus Dialogue on Race,
B) Provide opportunities for analysis, reflection, dialogue and positive strategies for change centered on the theme “(In)Justice and Resistance:  Past, Present, and Potential”

All proposals will be considered


Please enter state abbreviation. Ex: California would be CA