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HSU Diversity Program Grant Application Form

The Diversity Program Funding Committee invites HSU organizations, HSU staff, and HSU faculty to submit proposals for programs offered on campus to the university community that raise awareness, deepen understanding, and/or engage the campus community in dialogue about one or more of the multiple dimensions of diversity. Such dimensions of diversity may include – but are not limited to – culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability. Proposals intended to increase the participation and retention of historically underrepresented groups in the campus community will also be considered.

Allocations for HSU Diversity Program Awards typically fall between $100 - $3,500. Partial funding for programs/activities is possible. Student organizations, staff and faculty are invited to submit proposals for Diversity Program Grants. Each proposal should include applicant information, a description of the program please limit the description to 2-3 pages single spaced), and a balanced categorical budget.

 To apply for this grant, please complete the application below. Make sure to attach your document files to the application (in the relevant fields, below).

Note: This form cannot be saved. You must complete it in one sitting. It is recommended you complete your Program Description and Categorical Budget before you start this form. For more information, please visit:


If you chose YES, a signature from Joan Tyson is required on the Signature Form. To see a list of AS progams, please visit:

If you have multiple dates for your event, please enter the date for the first day of events.

If you have multiple times for your event, please enter the time for your first event.


Awards typically fall between $100 - $3,500. Partial funding for programs/activities is possible.


Please note:
ONLY HSU Student Organizations need to have a budget manager. Individual facutly or staff members will work directly with the ASC in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to navigate the budget procedures.
A budget manager MUST be from a state office or be familiar with state budget forms and procedures. This is generally not the same as your faculty/staff advisor/coordinator, but could, for example, be the ASC in your department or another person familiar with budget procedures and willing to help you with this project/event.


Please attach a description of the program and a balanced categorical budget.

Please attach a word document or pdf file of your program description. ***Limit for the program description is 2-3 pages single spaced***
*To download a Program Description template that you can use to fill out for your grant, click here (you are not required to use this template).

Please attach a categorical budget for your program description. A template of a categorical budget can be found at:
Note: Only budgets in the template format provided will be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


By checking the boxes below, you confirm you understand that your, if applicable, Budget Manager and your Club Advisor must sign the Signature Form. Note: The Signature form must be submitted to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion by the deadline.