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HSU Forms

ITEPP Application for Student Retention and Professional Development Program

Please complete the following application. The information will be reviewed and you will be contacted by ITEPP staff to confirm that we received your information.

Please indicate your fisrt name, middle name, and last name.

Please enter the date of your birth.

If you have already provided the program your contact information, select "Re-applying" and make sure you enter contact items that may have changed since your last conversation with the program.

Please indicate the semester you will be enrolled in.

Please indicate which Tribe you are associated with as a member.

The address indicated will be used for mailings sent to you by the program.

Provide the best phone number which we can contact you most reliably.

Please provide an up-to-date email address for us to contact you.

Please select the best way to reach you. We have made this field required because we want to start working with you to see how best to meet your educational needs.

Please indicate the Major you are enrolled in or wish to enroll in. If you are not sure, leave the field blank or state "undeclared."

Using one or two sentances, tell us what your HSU educational goal is. For example: "I want to finish my Masters Degree in Education and begin working as a certified teacher."